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News Walt Disney World to resumes sales of Annual Passes September 8th


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Yay, I get a magnet.

On another note. IF I renew, we'll be spending significantly less money next year. Not sure I understand the logic. The pass we'd get is a significantly cheaper one than what we have now, but since it blocks out the weekends - which is when we tend to dine in the parks the most, our expenses on things like food and merchandise will plummet. I guess, to an extent, I should thank Disney for this change, since those things aren't cheap. It's much easier to hit up a restaurant after work before going to the parks. Where on the weekends, we'd do full days and not leave, meaning meals. Kind of a stupid decision on their part. Watch the parks actually make less money and have less attendance next year, despite Genie+. You'd actually need people waiting in lines to sell it or there'd be no one to bypass.


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Does no good in my case…they didn’t meet their own timeframe.

oh well…makes my “planning” for the next year a lot easier.

…what a strange world we live in…
If they don't help you out with an upgrade when there given that they said you'd be able to get AP by the end of this month, what you can sometimes do is add days or upgrade the base ticket on the last day of use to extend the eligibility for trade in. At a certain point though the hold times for Ticket Services have their own costs you have to weigh versus just waiting for a future trip.


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Queue up the "I'll never" litany of sorrow. Just accounting for inflation alone, that's a 7% increase or $85.33 for a platinum pass. So they are making it actually less than the general increase accounting for inflation which would have been $1,304.33.

So crowd shaping for the non-resident AP customers is a wash.

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Mr. Toad

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It is…it allows them tighter control and more sale opportunities

there’s realistically no way they’d give that up

There’s no indication that would have been/would be the case in “normal”
The thing that annoys me most about the park reservation system is that we frequently start our day at one park and then go to EPCOT for lunch around 12:00 - 12:30 PM. With the new system we have to wait until 2:00 PM to get into EPCOT if we don't start the day there so we will probably eat at the EPCOT restaurants a lot less.


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If you're a DVC member that takes 8-12 night trips, with a pass like this, does the 5 park reservations stop you from making a reservation each night of your trip, or is it treated as a normal ticket if you have an active resort reservation?

It really doesn't matter if you have an AP or not when staying at a WDW resort or "select" resort. You get park reservations for the length of your stay as long as you have either an AP or a ticket.


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It's really disappointing that the only pass non-florida residents can get is the most expensive one. I'm DVC but white card. But seeing how much DVC direct owners paid so much more just to get boned anyway makes my resale purchase so much more worth it. Really glad I enjoy resort only trips. I see a lot of those in my future.


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I still have 2 more years of "legacy" passes. the dont expire until 2030- these included memory maker- those wont change I hope.


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Was reading this somewhere else......Platinum Annual Passes were $1,295 and the equivalent Incredi-Pass is now $1,299

BUT Platinum Plus APs included PhotoPass and water park access. Now, there are more strings attached, plus none of those add-ons at the base price.

For a more apples to apples comparison, the fully-loaded Incredi-Pass will cost $1497. That’s an increase of roughly 15% and that doesn't include the cost of FastPass or Genie+ or paid LL (or whatever they are calling it)

So this basically equates to close to a 25% price increase (depending how much paid LL or whatever they are calling it costs) when you compare apples to apples while now requiring a park pass and can only hold 5 at a time
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