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News Walt Disney World theme parks increase capacity but see longer waits and less physical distancing


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Perhaps not news for some, but some occasional readers may be wondering what the current state of the parks is compared to the early reopening back in July. This is a look.

So basically it's all the negatives (long lines, high cost, crowding, little entertainment, bare bones staffing) with none of the positives (space and low wait times)?

This truly is the darkest timeline.


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I dont know but Magic Kingdom a few days ago was super crowded, ride wait times seemed to be an hour or more, stores were packed (too packed I think). Yet at the same time the park seemed depressing. Main Street for instance played the haunted mansion music which was very sad for main street, I know they are trying to put in halloween, but the park really needed the upbeat usual main street soundtrack, it just felt down and forlorn and didnt' seem right ,and maybe not even a wise choice for right now halloween or not. The magic seemed gone entirely. Disney has their work cut out for them but they are clearly making money again too. Tonys was crowded etc, and all of this was on a regular weekday.


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I knew it. TBH it's pretty miserable on the weekends as is Universal because that's when most of the locals (me) come out. I'm rethinking my reservation for Sunday at DHS now


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While mask requirement will likely be around a bit longer (although I hope not), I think in the very near future theme and amusement parks will eliminate the (un)social distancing in queues and on rides. It's just a matter of which park will do it first, then the rest will follow quickly, subject to state/local restrictions, of course. There is really no other way to increase guest capacity because there is already so little room for the queue lines getting as long as they are.


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maybe it is just me, but it seems people want it both ways, they are upset about more capacity, longer waits, etc, yet bemoan the loss of parades, character greets, fireworks, etc.these are expensive, if you want them you need revenue which equals more people in the parks.

It's the staffing and entertainment cuts. Higher capacity means more income, but the cuts are getting even worse, thus guest experience suffers further.

Tony the Tigger

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That’s why we just went for a quickie trip. Literally just got home an hour ago. We did a resort day and an Epcot day - and only did one attraction, by choice. It was more about the F&W booths for us. Epcot didn’t open until 11, we arrived around noon, stayed about 4 hours and left for dinner (on full price one day tix.) Epcot closed at 7, we got back there just in time to get our car.

We really enjoyed our time, and figured we needed to go now before things get worse, and not again until sometime next year.

It didn’t seem particularly crowded, but just like always, people are people. They walk around in a fog and get too close if you let them.

There were more tables to sit and eat, they were cleaned often, but should be after each use. We were surprised to see as much live entertainment as we did, including a pianist indoors. Weather was near-perfect.

Adjust your expectations, and you will still have a great time if you want to! I’m concerned about safety in the winter, though.

ETA: there is now a TR about it. 😊
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I’ve been saying this for weeks. The parks have been WAY busier for at least the last month. Admittedly, EPCOT was nice this past Monday, but it was pouring for half the day. All parks on the weekends have been packed.


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So what are the chances due to the lack of physical distancing is going to possibly cause an outbreak at Disney?...

Incredibly high. New cases here in Florida have recently spiked again almost immediately after the loosing of current restrictions.

Whether you're cool with that or not (some people aren't and some say we have to open back up and accept the risk) and politics aside, it was obvious things were going to get worse as soon as we opened up more and Disney's not going to be any exception to that if they start moving their policy in that direction ahead of an effective and widely taken vaccine.

Since we don't do contact tracing here, it might not be obvious where a lot of those people got it, though.


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Looks like there was a 6-week window to have an enjoyable time. Now it’s best to wait for a vaccine.
How is a vaccine going to reduce crowds? If anything I think crowds would increase. Are you referring to them bringing back fast passes once there’s a vaccine. I’m not sure why they would need a vaccine to do reinstate a fast pass system.

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