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News Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin boat service closing for refurbishment


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They should take some time and clean the TOPS of the boats while they're at it... They're positively filthy.
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Will the boats still stop at Boardwalk and Yacht/Beach Club?
To clarify (I think).

The Swan and Dolphin will have no boats at all from May 14th to 25th.

And from May 7th, there will be no boats running to DHS.

- From 7th to 13th, the boats will run between Swan/Dolphin, Yacht/Beach Club, Boardwalk and Epcot.

- From 14th to 25th, the boats will run between Yacht/Beach, Boardwalk and Epcot. (Waste of time, imo, they should just take them out altogether and give them a total refresh).

- From 25th to a date as yet unspecified, it will be back to running between S/D, Y/B, BW and Epcot.
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