Walt Disney World seasonal employment.


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I have a few questions regarding seasonal employment at Walt Disney World.

1. Is it possible to directly apply for a seasonal position, or do you have work your way towards one (i.e Disney College Program, applying for part time first, etc).
2. Do you get any perks, and if so, what are they?
3. Is 150 hours per year the working requirement?


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I'd assume that WDW is not hiring any positions at the moment.


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I applied in June 2017 for a part time watercraft opening and told them I could only be in Florida from Nov - April. I was placed in the "I am looking for something for you" category and received my notification of seasonal employment at ESPN WWOS in Feb 2018. I got very lucky. Since this time, I have only seen a small number of seasonal positions opened at the mouse. We receive three tickets for every 150 hours worked in the year. You must complete at least 150 hours each year. We also receive 20% off merch then i believe we get 35% after completing our 3rd year of employment. We also get our own gate admission, discounts on hotels and cruises. At Christmas, we received coupons for free snacks, discount at cast connection, and 50%, 40% 30% off dining.
I love what I do and the people are great, I pickup extra hours in other untrained areas just for fun. You will not get rich working there, (I am a retired high school band director on a pension) but I have a blast. Spent one morning giving every Princess 1 mile race person a high five and encouragement, helped a missing parent, and helped a wonderful kid finish the race, When this becomes a job, I will quit.
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