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News Walt Disney World plans to close its food trucks including locations at Disney Springs


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This is why you can't believe Disney when they try and brag how many jobs they would have brought to the area. They are fine getting rid of obtainable jobs for those living here already. The Iger method is slowly but surely crumbling.
No one says this is getting rid of jobs. They would just be transferred to other food service roles, where they are still hiring

The Colonel

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I thought the idea of food trucks was great, but never used one. Too far out of the way. And when I go to DS, I usually have a reservation somewhere. If they parked them outside MK or DHS, I may have used them. The eggroll cart is my favorite restaurant at MK.


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Was it in a cup?

Not my image, but:

Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 1.20.14 PM.png

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