Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend


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Awesome. I've got one window at 47 or so.

Does anybody know if I complete one registration if I can go right back in to register my son in the same window? Or would that require a second window hitting the mark? I remember people having issues trying to register two at once last round.
there's an option to "add another registration" without having to go out/back in


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This system is cruel. I was able to get a spot early on and registered bibs for 4 different people before others could even join the line

Edit: so there will be another pack of Dutch runners on their way to you, next january :)

(Im not running, but returning the favor because I wasnt able to register for Wine and Dine myself)
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Decided last minute to do Dopey rather than just Marathon. My fiancée wanted to do the 5k, so I decided if I was going to be doing two, might as well do all four again! 😂

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