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Are there any rumors of what these “surprise additions” are? New parade? New tree for MK? DreamLights returning?
Personally, I want them to try a version of Candlelight in MK again, or maybe out in Orlando (entertainment did it once on Lake Eola decades ago essentially because they could). Or even restore the full version of the show in celebration of the one Walt loved. No chance they do though. Highly unlikely they do dreamlights either (I've heard they're not returning), for a number of reasons...


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With attendance tanking I could see them reluctantly bringing back the Dream lights. Could also see something happening in world celebration in tribute to lights of winter

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I think it's pretty much obvious that they're going to bring the Dream lights back. They're taking off all the stuff on the castle that prevented them from doing it the past few years. It's also something relatively simple for them to do and it's a huge marketing tool.


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Surprise Additions?.......To the price!

$249.95 per person? $1000 for a family of 4?

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