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Walt Disney World:A Vision of the Future


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Sorry been busy a lot lately planting with my garden getting stuff prepared and stuff like that. also sorry if some of the rides don't make since i just used what i can think of as i never seen star wars and had friends that seen star wars to help me with sections.
--Star Wars: Galaxy Edge
53.Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run-Fly the fastest ship in the galaxy while hurling through hyperspace
54.Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance-Find yourself in the middle of the battle between the first order and the resistance
55.Star Wars: Endor Race-Race along in this cross galaxy Speeder bike race. You will start from Batuu and end in Endor. you will see race in multiple famous locations and see some classic characters from the star wars franchise. You will Ride through portal gates to get from multi planets.
The entrance will have rockwork and the high five flowing over on motorbike trains from toy story to galaxy edge. something similar to these imagines


56.Kat Saka Kettles-Sweet and Savory Snacks
57.Ronto Roasters-Grilled Sausage and pork wraps
58.Docking bay 7:Food and Cargo-Variety of dishes from across the galaxy
59.Oga Cantina-Local Beverages
60.Milk Stand-Legendary blue and green milk
61.mandalorian dinner show-Eat a new new restaurant when all of a sudden a attack happens looking for the Mandalorian and baby yoda Lots of special effects happen in the show from small flames to gunshots being heard and sparks
62.The Market Merchants-Creature stall, Toydarian toymaker, Black sphire outfitters, jewels of bith
63.Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquites-Find Unique galactic artifacts
64.Savi's Workshop-Customize your own unique lightsaber with the guidance of the gatherers
65.Droid Depot-Customize, assemble and activate a droid

During random times of a day you will random characters and droids though the land
during times there a hidden spot in the land you can practice using the force in a hidden Jedi of the secret order location.

DHS Star Wars GE expansion.jpg


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Cool. I wonder what you got planned with 20th Century Studios characters, and IPs even if Universal has the theme park rights to The Simpsons.


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-Pixar Studios
--Toy Story Land
66.Alien Swirling Saucers-Hang on tight for a interstellar romp in a toy rocket----- set to an out of this world beat!

67.Slinky Dog Dash-Take off a family-friendly coaster as slinky dog's coils twist around curves, hills and drops.

68.Toy Story Midway Mayhem-Midway-Style,4-D shooting game starring your favorite toy story characters
Note there will be holiday overlays for the game

69.Army Men Flight Training-The Toy Soldiers need your help to patrol the sky's of Andy back yard as you learn how to fly using special wings on this special paper plane. you can do barrel rolls as many times as you want or enjoy the views of DHS.
This ride will be over 100 feet tall and have a special beacon on the top of it for night time shows. the painting scheme will be similar to Toy Soldiers Riders must be 48? tall to ride

70.Bo Peeps Carousel-Bo peep is herding the sheep with the sound of music. you will be riding special sheep and other Toy story animals.
71.Meet Toy Story Characters at Lincoln logs Cabin and The Barrel of Fun-From Jessie Woody and buzz to Bo peep and mr and miss potato head and lastly Bullseye
other characters that walk around
Sarge and the Bucket O Soldier

you might be able to see RC drive out into the land for photo ops with characters on top

72.Woody Lunch Box-eat at the lunch box menu includes Woody totchos, buzz Mexican tater tot, Plant-based Totchos, Rex BBQ Brisket Melt, Smoked Turkey Sandwich, Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich, and Duke Caboom elvis sandwich also Desserts include Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart, Lemon-Blueberry Tart, Raspberry Lunch Box Tart
73.Roundup Rodeo BBQ-Take a Journey in this classic series join woody and his pals in the new BBQ restaurant.
Woody BBQ platter-Chicken, Ribs and Pulled Pork, Jessie BBQ Sandwich, Bullseye Burnt ends, Stinky Pete the Prospector Ribs
Kids Menu-Grilled Hot Dog and BBQ Pizza
Sides Mac and cheese, Cole Slaw, Baked Potato, Sweet Potato Fries or Corn on the cob
74.Toy Box Café-Andy has set up a new restaurant using some of the old boxes from the toys.

Buzz Box Menu-Buzz lightyear themed food
Dinner Alien Hawaiian pizza,Mozz-114 Cheese Pizza, Star-Hopping Salad, Baked Cheese macaroni with Bacon and chicken
Desserts-Alien Swirl Soft Serve, Caliente Churro and Cinnamon Sugar Galaxy Churro, Alien Macarons
Drinks-Banana Chcocolate Milk, Buzz Green Milk Shake

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Box Menu-Mr. and Mrs. Potato head themed food
Dinner-Sweet Potato Ricotta Pierogies, Chicken-Stuffed Spuds, Baked Potato with meatballs and potato chips, loaded bacon and cheese fries
Desserts-Cinnamon and Spice Sweet Potato Bread, Mini Sweet Potato Soufflés
Drinks-Toy Box cooler

Lotso box Menu-Special food themed to lotso
Breakfasts-Creamy Strawberry French Toast Bake, Fresh Strawberry Breakfast Tacos, PB&J French Toast
Dinner-Parmesan-Stuffed Chicken and Melted Strawberries, Stredded Chicken Tacos with strawberry salsa, Pork and Balsamic Strawberry Salad, Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Strawberry Sauce
Sides and Desserts-Lotso Baked sweet potato with marshmallow, Strawberry ice cream bubble waffle, Lotso financier cake
Drinks-Strawberry Milk
75.Al's Toy Barn-buy Toy story merchandise from the movies here
76.Andy's Toy Box-buy Toy Story land Merchandise here

--Radiators Springs

77.Mater Tall Tails-Join mater in the at the drive in theater as he tells the stores of all his adventures.

The que starts at mater tow yard seeing details from the movie
Section 2 you start going through tractor yard seeing the tractors. then you go go under a few trees hiding the fact your going indoors and now your at the drive in theater from the end turning day to night. you sit down in special cars similar to the ones from the former Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. a mater animatronic reusing the one from Lightning McQueen Racing academy. mater starts off prepping his story on the screen

78.Meet and greet 1-Meet Meter, Lightning McQueen and Cruz ramirez

This is former abandon store that Mater took over to set up as a meet and greet for 2 famous drivers in recent years mater as the Manager you get to see him first before going into the winner circle.

80.Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters-Luigi's cousins had came all the way from Italy for a family reunion. join them as they teach you dances from the old country. They had set up a giant tent in the back of luigi's for the festival

81.Meet and greet 2-Meet the Hologram of doc Hudson with Smokey, Louise Nash, River Scott and Junior Moon as the courthouse has converted into a museum for the start of racing and the 4 of them will tell the story's of how racing and working with doc Hudson during that era.

82.Radiator Springs Training Acadamy- Join Lightning Mcqueen and his pals as he will train the next gen of racers you guys. Sheriff gave permission to use the parts of the town as the training growds

you go start at the newly built training with Cruz you start on the journey as lightning McQueen wants to get you out you go on a journey going by the Wheel Well Motel. you go over the mountain roads seeing the water fall and going over the bridge in the first movie heading back to town to get prepared for the test race. first you stop at Ramone's for a new paint job. then you go to Luigi's for new tires then flo's for some fuel to prepare. Mater takes you to teach you how to tractor tip and run from the bull then also teaches you about mirrors for the practice race. Lightning McQueen then helps teach drifting and dirt track racing after that you get onto the road to learn about racing from Cruz ramirez. You then come to a switch tracks to either left or right as Lightning McQueen in his Hudson hornet paint scheme is explain the rules for the practice race.
Cruz gives you guys a prep talk to win this practice race. you then race around Radiator springs. Ending and the que line is the same as Disneyland and the ending in the cavern is the same.
Slot Car Dark Ride
83.Fillmore's Taste-in-Top off at this psychedelic service station with far-out fresh fruit and veggie snacks and other good-for-you fuel.
84.Cozy Cone Motel-Check in at Sally’s to try different “i-cone-ic” treats at 5 cones

Cone 1-Churro Cones. Racer Churro's or churro bites.
Cone 2-Ice cream Cone. Soft Serve comes in multiple flavor options Vanilla, Chocolate, Reds Raspberry, Banana flavor, Cheesecake, Butterscotch and a special holiday ones that always rotates
Cone 3-Cone Queso and pizza cone. Chili Cone Queso, Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese cone, Garden Pizza Cone, BBQ Pizza Cone, Banana Chocolate Cheese Cake with whip cream and ice cream Crepe, Custard caramel cheese cake with whip cream and ice cream crepe, Strawberry cheese cake crepe

Cone 4-Cone coaction's-Pretzel Bites, Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist
drinks Red's Apple Freeze, Frozen Lemonade aid

Cone 5-Popcone.check out these 13 different flavors of popcorns
Flavors include Taco, Bacon Cheddar, Parm White cheddar, Pizza, Sour cream and chives, Cola, Creamsicle, Pudding flavor ,Banana foster, Strawberry lemonade, Chocolate Carmel, Carmel, Cinn-a-bun

85.Flo's V8 Café-Join in on the fun at Flo V8 from breakfast to lunch and dinner

Breakfast-Brioche French Toast, American Breakfast, Veggie Omelet, Chicken Tamale Breakfast
Lunch and dinner. Maters Campfire Chili Cheeseburger, Ka-Cheeseburger, Ramone's Low and Slow Club, Fin-tastic Tuna Sandwich, Flo's Famous Fried Chicken, Fillmore's Pot Pie

Flos Famous Shakes
Flo blueberry pie milkshake, sally coffee cake milkshake, sheriff donut milkshake, Sarge nutella milkshake, Luigi tiramisu milkshake, Guido luigi milkshake, mator banana pudding, Fillmore orange sherbet milkshake, red strawberry shortcake milkshake, Lightning McQueen chocolate cake milkshake

86.Ramone's Serv-ice-The World Grand Freeze, Groovy Glacier, Dinoco Blue, Red’s 4 Alarm Fire
87.Sarge's Surplus Hut-cars land toys hats and appeal
88.Radiator Springs Curios-cars collectibles and real cars accessories
89.Ramone's House of Body Art-custom apparel and merch
--Monster Inc Land
90.Monster Inc Training Facility-take this journey on this new dark ride similar to Tokyo Disney monster inc ride and go seek without the flash lights shooters.

follow one of the new trainer that just got promoted to be able to train the new monsters.as he starts off the tour talking about how he always wanted this job things start going horrible wrong as one of the monsters that is from the old times of Monster Inc wanting to get revenge on the scare floor.as he try's to savage the factory you will tag along to stop him before he destroys the factory for good.

91.Monster Inc Laugh Floor-Join Mike and sully as they help power the city with the laugh.

92.Monster Inc Door Coaster-This new Mack Powered invert coaster.as you get ready to go to the laugh floor for your training one of the new employee accidently snagged onto the door it is your job to hope on board this specialized maintenance track vehicle and try to chase him down and help him as the servers for the emergency stop panel is down for maintenance you guys hope on board.
93.Meet Monster Inc Characters-Meet Mike Sully and his friends at there apartment.

94.HarryHausen-Eat at this fine dinning establishment where they cook in front of you the head chef is a special animatronic cooking at the head table showing his chefs how its done.

menu items include meats to sushi. From Normal sushi items to specialized themed monster world food. Other items include a Sushi. Speciality items include mike wazowski Mochi balls to sully Blue Rasberry lemonaide

95.Hidden City Café-enjoy special coffee to croissant and muffin

96.Tony Grocery-Enjoy fresh fruits to chips and pretzels and turkey legs.
97.Fear Co-Buy Specialty T shirts and toys at this store.
98.Fine Art Gallery-buy specialty art and other stuff.
99.Omni Droid Ride-same ride as the jet packs from shanghai disneyland.
join the Incredibles training using the old Omnidroid as training. You see a special projection from violets Force sheild and projections on the wall from Dashs footsteps running at speed. then Jack Jack animatronic coming out to attack using special flames and other projects for him to swap.
100.Underminers Attack. Hope On board this special onimover
Join the superheros to stop underminers plan B attack of the city as he come back for his revenge there will be multiple atronics on this ride of all the Incredibles to Frozone and some new superhero's.

101.Incridbles Show-Join Edna as she needs your help for the best super suit ever created join her in the design
102.Incridibles meet and greets-Meet the superhero's that save metroville
103.The Neighborhood Bakery-Eat sweets from this bakery from the Jack Jack cookie to cupcakes and brownies.
104.the Happy Platter-This Italian Restaurant has some specialty dishes themed to the superhero's

105.Municiberg Gifts-buy your favorite hero's T shirts and other merchandises
106.Comic Book Shops-Buy specialty collectibles
-Pixar HQ
107.Pixar Gift Shop-Pixar shop includes limited time merch of new Pixar movies coming out
--Onwards Land
108.Onwards Dark Ride-hope on board the van from the movie and have a special wand that been cloned with the van as you travel along to learn new spells to cast along this family friendly journey as you travel the world of onward you get to expernice new magic spells.

109.Pizza Realm and Arcade-a special pizza place from the film with some arcade game in it-Menu Items include Taco Pizza,Mac and cheese pizza, Meatball Pizza, Burger pizza and specialty dessert pizzas Chocolate Stuffed Crust Pizza, Fruit Pizza
110.Donut Manor-Try specialty Donuts from bacon lovers to filled donuts this themed donut shop.
111.Manticore Tavern-A family friendly restaurant menu include Griffin Nuggets, Kraken Legs, Roast Beast, and MannaChos
112.Master Froyo-Buy specialty ice cream and drinks
113.Swamp gas-specialty slushies and snacks
114.witches hut-T shirts and gear
115.Pawn Shop-land merchandise
Pixar Land Toy Story Cars Incredibles Monster Inc and Onwards 1.jpg
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After spending a day at Epcot and Magic Kingdom for the 50th ive decided to create a new firework show something thats for the Magic Kingdom dont have time to find pictures or pick songs for it but heres the general bases of the show.
Walt Disney World
Fantasy of the Celebration

Segment 1
The Past Average 4-5 Mins Long
New Song Inspired by If You Had Wings
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Davy Crockett Inspired song
Segment 2
The Present 8-10 Min Segment
Starts with Around the Riverbed reused from Tokyo with the Mark Twain
Then moves into a reused segment from Tokyo Disneyland Big Thunder scene with The country bears
The Haunted Mansion scene we have some music inspired by the ride itself with some of the most favorite characters
Then Tiki room is a transection scene with the music
The show Goes into the adventure scenes with Scenes from Jungle cruise then goes into a Pirates of the caribean scene
Then moves into a slow part of the show with Be Our Guest
Other songs and scenes used will be Snow White,Cinderelle and Alice in wonderland
Peter Pan off to Netherland with Tinkerbelle flying down
Then a special tribute to its a small world with all the disney characters in the circus area
Then a special song from the singers of main street.
Then Tomorrowland With Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain Segment with special songs just for them

The Future 5 Min segment to launch some amazing fireworks
The Start of the grand finally Starts with techno beats music with Tron Running on the castle and main street
Then It calms down and does Princess and the frog and moana
Ends with Into the Unknown from Frozen

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