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Walt Disney World 2002


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I'm heading to Walt Disney World in December 2002. This is not my first time, far from it! I was just wondering if the 100 Years of Magic Celebration will change during that time period because I would like to see but aren't able to go down this year.




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It will be over....it starts Oct. 2001 and ends Oct. 2002.


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The celebration will continue until Dec. 2002, but I don't think there will any changes to the overall celebration.


DisneyNut is right - it is a 15month Celebration - so everything will be running when you go in December 2002. :)


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I thought so. They said the Millennium Celebration was a year-long clebration but then promoted it by saying they were extending the celebration even though they planned to do that in the first place.


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That was a 15th month celebration, too: October 1999 -January 2001. All of their celebrations are 15 months long I guess


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check the main page, other thread, etc for info on what's going on..this has been discussed in depth :)


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Originally posted by madhatter
what exactly is happening for the "celebration"
To me nothing really major. Just a hat, a few parades, and u get to see some of walts stuff he worked with that nobody has seen.
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