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Walt Disney Treasure Wave 3 Announced !


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As of right now, the next Treasures for December, 2003 are

"Mickey Mouse in Living Color - Part 2"

"Disney: The Wartime Years" (including "Victory Through Air Power)

"The Chronological Donald"


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I assume "Chronological Donald" would be the same as "Complete Goofy"?

Boy, I'm still trying to acquire the first Mickey and Silly Simphonies and they already plan wave 3... :hammer:


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I would love the "Wartime" DVD. It will probably have a lot of rare films, like the ones specially made for the troops at the time.

Has anyone ever seen "Toon Heads" on Cartoon Network? They had a special show that showed a lot of wartime cartoons that hadn't been shown for years. The DVD will probably be liek that.


Originally posted by Monorail Lime
I missed wave one... what did it have?

You can still find them in some specialty shops but the were:

*Micky Mouse: in Living Color-- the 26 shorts w/ Micky released between 1935 and 1938

*Silly Symphonies- the 31 silly symphonies released between 1929 and 1939

*Disneyland USAthe 4 episodes from the 1950's that introduced the park, et al.


*Davie Crockett- the old Fess Parker movies. They run about $30 each but if you can get them, do it. They're worth every penny


Also, do you think the Wartime one will have Der Fuehrers Face and Education for Death? [/B][/QUOTE]

It should. Of course the one I want is Donald Duck chanting:

Fight the Axis! PAy your taxes!!!!!!!!!:lol:


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i hate to gripe, since ive been asking for this all along,

i want to see the other theme park openings on DVD, ie: Epcot, MGM, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo, Paris, etc on DVD. I wonder if theyll do that. I purchased the 100 yrs of magic dvd from disney and it is one of my favs cause it shows all of the rides and talks about various aspects of the park. I just hope they release the parts on DVD where walt is talking about "the florida project" and "the center of everything were doing in florida: Epcot" they show him with models and what not around him. i wonder what the odds of that being released are.....

General Grizz

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Great news. I can't wait for EPCOT and the MK opening, and the complete Wonderful World of Color and Ludwig Von Drake and complete Chip and Dale and Disneyland... :animwink:

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