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Walt Disney Imagineering debuts a virtual tour of its headquarters in new web series


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It'd be better if they were longer than under a minute or two...This isn't even scratching the surface but just an intro to each section of imagineering..


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The Imagineering Story in Disney+ goes into a bit more detail, but is largely about the past rather than the present day. Still some fascinating insight into the creation of the parks.

Maybe if we're lucky, these are snippets of a followup of some sort for the Imagineering Story that will end up on Disney+, too.

Homemade Imagineering

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I just watched the episode on concept art, and spotted these animatronic figment figures from the flight to imagination scenes from the original journey into imagination! I’m so happy they saved almost every figment animatronic from the original attraction. Now if only they saved dreamfinder’s animatronic figures... 😕. Anyways, I just thought it was nice to see a few original animatronic figments in this episode!


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