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Walking sticks for sale in AK/EPCOT


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Just checking if anybody knows if they sell similar walking sticks at the Oasis in World Showcase as the ones sold at AK and if so the approximate price. My youngest daughter wants to buy one but we won't be getting to AK until our final day and she wants to use it on the trip. We will be at EPCOT on day 2 so hoping they have them there and at a semi reasonable price.

Any info is appreciated.



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Pretty sure I saw them there last month, but I may be wrong. If so you can not smack me with one as punishment when you finally get one. :)


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If you are talking about the African hand carved animal walking sticks then yes you can find them:

MK - Adventureland Island Supply, Zanzibar Shell Co

Epcot - Village Traders at the Outpost

DAK - Mobassa Market Place, Ziwani Traders

Resorts - Zawadi Marketplace (AKL)


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Thanks everybody! Yes those are the ones and that is good news. She really wants one to use on the trip and them being at the MK is perfect as we will be there first day and the price is right :) She has been saving her money for the trip and if it was was too much I would have tried to talk her out of it she would definitely be sad when her money dries up but that is a price she will be able to live with. Thanks again!

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