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Waitlist for WDW Seasonal?


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Hey everyone! On March 14, I had my phone interview for a seasonal position at Disney World. The job I applied for was a part time QSFB, but after my interview my recruiter waitlisted me for seasonal attractions (which was what I wanted). I have a couple questions about this process because I've been super anxious about the wait and making sure I'm not missing anything and hitting all the marks I need to hit.

So first, in my interview we originally set my first date of availability for June 25, but since then I have had my early summer plans cancelled so I'm available earlier than that. I had to go through two days of trying to get to the right extension from the casting phone number, but I eventually spoke with someone who was able to update my availability. However, he told me that in the future I needed to directly contact my recruiter. She didn't give me any information in my interview, and he said he wasn't able to give me any of her information, so what should I do in the future if I need to contact her about something?

In addition, this may just me being impatient and anxious, but in my interview she told me that I should get an email confirming that I am still seeking employment and want to stay on the waitlist. It's been a bit over a month and I still haven't received this email, should I have received it already or does it not necessarily come exactly a month after the interview?