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Waitlist for Full Time Custodial/Attractions


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Hi everyone! My name is Morgan! I am new here! I’m a big Disney buff!

So I had applied for Dishwasher/Stewardess at the beginning of May, and not less than a week later, I got an email to do a web based interview. I did it right away, and ended up moving on to the scheduling an interview portion. I scheduled it for the 23rd (which was last Thursday), and everything went well!

The recruiter thought the best fit for me was full time Custodial, due to my background of working at McDonald’s and a daycare where cleanliness was essential. And also my my background in customer service played a role in it as well. So, she also gave me my 3rd job choice of Attractions.

I am relocating from NC to Florida and will be living with my grandparents. I had told my recruiter when she had asked if I was relocating, that it would have to be August because my mom just had a major surgery, and I needed to help her while she recovers. And so she put me on a waitlist for August 1st as my availability date. She had also brought up that it’s usually at the end of July when the next level of the offer letters get sent out to emails.

If I would have said that I could go now, I would have been offered it and would have started in June instead.

I’m just full of anxiety, and really want this to work out.

What can I expect? Is there anyone who’s had to relocate from another state, who can give me some tips?
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