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Waiting list ....


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Hello everyone I’m new here my name is Sharon ... I have a question so I applied for Disney as a seasonal game day photopass photographer (Not DCP) just regular position. I got to do the web interview and passed that and then did my phone interview it went really well .. the recruiter asked me what other role did I mark off as interested and I put character attendant and children’s activities based on where I currently work which the recruiter asked me she said she thinks I would be a good asset for children’s activities she asked me a few questions and I answered them well. Then she told me there’s currently no position open for children’s activities but when there is she will email me so I can go in for another interview for that role ... so then I got an email saying I’m on a waiting list .... what do I do ? It’s been a week ... should I be worried ? Can I email her asking her for a update ?


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I’m on the same boat! I had my interview on the 13th of June, and I check my dashboard every single day! My interview went well, I said all the right things, and was waitlisted at the end because there weren’t any openings at the time. Did you ever get an offer??
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