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Volcano Bay

Corey P

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I can easily spend an entire week at the 2 Universal parks. We do it every year. We hit a park in the morning, have lunch, head back to Hard Rock for a swim and a nap, head to City Walk for dinner, then go to the other park for the night. We love it.
If my family and I stayed for a week we would hit VB 3 or 4 times. Basically it's, hey kids should we hang around the hotel pool or go over to VB? What do you think the answer would be? I would assume anyone staying at Universal for a week would buy the 3 park season pass.

Hotel guest may very well make up many people at VB but I have no way of knowing the numbers.

I think the problem is VB needs more slides. They are working on everything else but it looks like everything else won't be enough to handle the crowd. More slides, they don't have to be great, just decent and high capacity. I think part of the problem is too many slides that can only handle a few people per minute. Example is the slides that are 3 or 4 people at a time, by their nature they can handle 3 or 4 times the amount of people per hour then a 1 person drop slide. Same with multiple race lane slides. It's true over at Disney as well. At Blizzard beach that one high drop slide has big lines on busy days. That doesn't annoy me because it's like the trophy slide at that park but they have plenty of other less thrilling higher capacity slides at BB.

From a company stand point, having too many people show up to your park isn't a bad thing. In fact it's a great thing and very profitable. Universal may be able to pay off VB in a year. That's not a bad thing because it encourages them to keep building. I don't know about Universal's plan for the W-n-W land. I think that may be the hotel rooms that push Universal into too many rooms. Too many rooms would probably mean a slow down in building at the parks etc.

In the end I hope Universal succeeds but VB needs more stuff at the moment.

Corey P

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It's not meant as a knock, I know some people do visit both parks for a week. But, I think you'd agree that you'll probably now slot in a couple of morning or afternoon visits to VB on a weeklong visit. Very few people would walk through the gate of one of Disney's waterparks multiple times as an onsite guest on a week stay. If they even visit either at all during that time.

This is not to say Universal's two parks can't entertain people for a week... but for the average visitor who is now staying for a week - the two parks are significantly enhanced with a third thing to do a couple half days.
Part of the problem at Disney with the water parks is travel time. You can't just hop over to a water park. VB you can.


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Dude, put the firehose containing Universal koolaid down and open up some windows to get some fresh air. I'm concerned about your ability to defend VB And Universal at all costs.

Please don't give me the speech about drinking pina coladas, partaking in hula hoop competitions and getting massages while waiting for rides because that is exactly what my family does when staying at the HR. Sounds like they are trying to make up for a lack of attractions for people to ride.

They are letting too many people in this park... period ..stop...end of story. This is the general consensus from the non-theme park enthusiasts out there. I went to Uni back in July. That's what guests were saying then and that is what they are saying now. Not sure why it's so hard to believe that guests that are going to VB are only getting 3 to 4 rides in before calling it quits and leaving the park.

Next, I was surprised to see how light lines were at the other two parks. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that VB is cyphening guests at the expense of the other two parks.
I'm not really sure how my post is defending Universal. I was saying that they messed up the "modeling" and seriously under estimated the demand created by being adjacent to so many rooms. If I'm not mistaken, saying they f'd something up is the exact opposite of defending. And I agree that they are letting too many people in. This is a fundamental problem, not something whipping ops into shape can really fix. They are getting blow back for the park being too crowded and at the same time getting angry complaints for it always being at capacity and people on vacation can't get in. So, even though VB has more hourly capacity than TL, it's still not enough. They under built the park because they under estimated the demand created by the park basically being the awesome hotel pool for 3 huge resorts.

They have made a lot of mistakes getting this park going. Many of them avoidable and perplexing. Like pushing ahead with the Grand Opening when it became obvious that they weren't even CLOSE to ready.
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It would appear they've taken Taniwha Tubes out of the virtual queue option nearly all the time now according to Tim's latest video (strange as I was slaughtered on here for suggesting they try this and told it would never work). He also seems a little concerned on this video about the park which is very not like him.

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I'm planning on visiting volcano bay around 7th Sep when we are at HRH. Got 3 park tickets. Hoping it will be fun and we get on a few water slides but not doing that big drop one. Too chicken :confused: hopefully it won't be as busy then.


Amazing every word of what you just said was wrong
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Are you staying close to VB ? as a big tip is to get there early as the park reaches capacity surprisingly quick, if you are at a Universal hotel you get to go in at 07:30 i think it is. Just a heads up if you were thinking of heading in later in the morning.


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Few points from discussed above.... I can see how it's possible to spend a relaxed week at Universal doing a park, going for a swim etc if that's how you like to vacation...and I see the theory of people using VB as their hotel pool on such a relaxed trip as holding true. It's frustrating for people who can't get in, but adds another great incentive for staying on site at Universal.

I personally can't spend anywhere near as long at Universal as I can at Disney due to a number of reasons:

- I think the parks are very easy to tour compared to Disney due to guest patterns and how busy they are. If you arrive at Islands or Universal Studios early enough it's very easy to get on all major rides by lunchtime, then spending the afternoon and evening (if it's open!) to chill and do rerides

- I know it's a tired old argument but Universal Studios is very screen heavy at the moment and despite individually liking most of the rides, I have limited tolerance and they don't tend to warrant as many rerides for me as a good coaster or AA based attraction

- You need to be in the mood to do many of Islands rides, ie the water rides. We love em, but it's not something you can do every time you enter you park.

-Shows. For some reason Uni aren't good at them...they bulk out a day. Disney and Seaworld do it far better.

- Disney due to how busy they are have made things like meet and greets 'attractions' whereas at Uni you can pretty much walk up to a character and get your photo taken with them with mimimal fuss. Again...great for Universal, but it means you get things done faster.

-What I'm getting at is that at Universal, everything's just a little easier and less stressful. It requires less planning, less thought.

- With all that in mind I can see Universal appealing massively to the 'less commando' type of vacationer, which is contributing to VBs attendance.

We stayed near Pointe this trip and had our hearts set on staying on Disney on our next trip due to how much time we spend in those parks compared to Universal, but the more and more I look into it, the price and benefits, Volcano Bay included, of staying at Universal is outweighing Disney.

We don't do the mid afternoon swim thing, in fact the opposite we are the kind that gets to the parks early stay there late for 2-3 weeks, and come home aching...but the appeal of dropping into VB and combining it with other park days, including Seaworld/Discovery/Aquatica and maybe not dedicating a whole day to VB on its own, is appealing. I can't wait to give the park another chance, we went the day after opening and it was a nightmare...but the slides we went on were great and the prospect of easiness staying on site adds to VBs appeal.


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What is it that entices people here rather than the other water parks at Sea world and Disney ? It looks good but I would not enjoy it it as packed out as as it is when we visit.
I'm going to add that with information spreading faster than ever by mediums like social media and the internet, A lot more people will be seeing advertisement's for Volcano Bay, Even now Disney doesn't really advertise their waterparks that much, but Universal went full blown advertisement crazy with in your face misleading ad's showing off this flashy new waterpark with a... :eek: VOLCANO! IT EVEN ERUPTS!!!

I actually love parts of Universal and The Wizarding World, and have stayed onsite at Universal of all time's i've been to Disney, but the opening, planning, and mangement for Volcano Bay is entirely lackluster and was obviously a ploy to steal the attention from Avatarland, Do not open a "Water Theme Park" if it's not ready to open!!!!!!