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I have been thinking for the past two years about creating a virtual Disney World and I thought now would be the time to create a community dedicated to building it. My idea is that people could each design a replica of a building from Disney and someone who has the knowledge to turn it into a game that you could walk around in with VR goggles could put it together. There are already many buildings on Thingiverse that could be utilized right away. Cinderella's castle, Tangled tower, Space Mountain, Carrosel of Progress(I made this this), Spaceship Earth, the Land Pavillion, people mover vehicles, many attraction signs, and the list goes on. I have also created the outside of It's a small world as well as the Haunted Mansion but don't feel comfortable sharing them unless something like this gets off the ground. Here is a render of the Haunted Mansion. I have also 3D printed this but it is now at work so I can't access it to take a picture.

I imagine we could all work together to create something similar to Disneyland Adventures that came out for the xbox. You could walk around the park and when you get to an attraction rather than a silly game like they had in Disneyland Adventures instead you would enter one of the ride through 360 videos posted on youtube. Doing all of this in VR would be amazing and DFB mentioned something similar in her post today! Let me know what you think and if you have any experience creating video games or with CAD and would like to put together a community that would be awesome. I only know the CAD side of things.
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