Virgin Megastore signage removed and replaced with Celebrate Today

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It's a competition. Don't know how much clearer I can be. I had read a blog that Disney-Uni-SW were working together but now I believe that was never true. It's a battle. And we (the guest) always win.

Ah, I understand...:wave:

Well...the Uni guest is winning now...Maybe WDW's will win soon.:shrug::lookaroun


I think it looks great, a far cry from putting that white paint or the brown paper that i usually see in vacant spaces anywhere else. Advertise your other stores to get people to explore the other side of the complex.


Hey, putting this signage up is probably the better option they could of done right now with the empty space. I hope they do secure a good store to go in that space, it's on prime real estate on the West Side.

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