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Villas at Disneyland Hotel opening September 2023


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Scandinavia are quite big on “business hotels” where the room basically has room for a bed against the wall and a walk-in shower and toilet in the same cubicle.

I think there’s one of the major hotel chains in the U.K. which have similar rooms for people who,literally just want a bed to sleep on.
they are a bit common too in places like NYC where space is a premium. I wouldn't mind a small room for just me. When going even with one other, I really want more space myself.


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I rather like the Duo studios rooms for going solo. They seem plenty big to me for that condition. They are much larger than a cruise ship room and a better layout that The RIV towers (whose bathrooms are almost too big relative to the room).

I think it also needs to be normalized for capacity. Sure Studios look comparatively spacious, but less so when you play against their max capacity of 5. For 2-3 in a Studio, 1 compares very well in a Duo Studio.

I also get that the micro studios defeat the original purpose of DVC, but for Disneyland frankly I think people are often after a hotel room equivalent on property. Without a doubt these things will likely be first to go, possibly even starting at 10 points a night in the off season while VGC starts at 17.

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