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Village Haus at Disneyland changing into the Red Rose Taverne


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Disney has just announced that the Village Haus restaurant in Fantasyland will be turned into the "Red Rose Taverne" inspired by Beauty and the Beast.


Red Rose Taverne – This dining location at the northwest edge of Fantasyland will magically transform from Village Haus Restaurant into a lively French taverne, with delicious quick-service meals perfect for all ages! Adorned with beautiful murals depicting favorite scenes from Disney’s animated feature, “Beauty and the Beast,” and draped with inviting curtains, each room of Red Rose Taverne tells a different chapter of the tale as old as time. The menu will transform as well, featuring some of your favorite tastes with a French taverne-inspired twist, as well as new signature beverages. We’ll have details to share on these delicious additions soon – and yes, you will be able to try our own version of the Grey Stuff.


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Let me tell you, I was really impressed with how much of an oasis the Village Haus is. So low-key, with cozy booths for tired kids to fall asleep on at the end of the day. Quaint amber lighting everywhere, very grateful for it. I hope it goes back to normal when this is over.

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I'm a fan of the Village House, too.
Love the design of the place...the great artwork on the walls inside, the ambiance, lighting, etc.
The food is decent too if you order certain dishes ( cheddar and apple salad = yum ).
There are several semi-private like cozy spots to be found there...and it's a swell spot to escape the mayhem of the crowds ( except lunchtime..stay away! ).

It will be interesting to see how they manage to temporarily change the interior decor themed to 'Pinocchio' to 'Beauty & the Beast'.
Also hoping this is indeed temporary.



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While I'm not a fan of the food at Village Haus, with the exception of the salad, I love the ambiance and the restaurant itself. I'm happy this is temporary.

Looking forward to trying the food.


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Love the Village Haus...food is ok depending on our mood. Actually like what they are doing, think of it as a simplified version of Be Our Guest...with the Grey Stuff. Will have to give it a try.

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