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Video update by Martin


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Hi folks here are martins latest videos

Listen to the Land - a 2nd tribute
A 23min long feature about the entire attraction
including facts and pictures of it's build phase and a full ride through video

Mission to Mars WDW - a history

A 22min long journey through the time of this extinct tomorrowland attraction
including preshow and ridethrough

both are on disney-central torrents and irc :wave:


WDW History nut
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Thanks, Dolby. I`m snowed under at work and havn`t been updating here as I should.

Next in line over the coming month are Cranium Command tribute & a probable re edit of DLPs The Tarzan Encounter with more footage and full source audio. Then who knows - I might finish my Magic Kingdom / WDW history series :D


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<- Starts burning CDs so he can download these new videos

I'm especially looking forward to the Listen To The Land video. That always has been and always will be one of my favorite attractions in Epcot.

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