Very Un-Disney Restaurant Policies


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Not me either, I was speaking broadly. Personally, I like to eat what I want, when I want, and only as much as I want so the plan has never made sense to me.
I agree. Once someone tells me they're willing to pay more so they don't have to think about how much money they're spending, I give up. There's no arguing with that.

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In the very first post:

"Magic band did not show my Deluxe Dining Plan. However, from elsewhere, they could see that I had twenty three dining credits. It was the second time the DP was used and that morning had worked fine for breakfast. "

From post #3:

"It took me an hour in Guest Services to get this cleared up."

So the restaurant could see the credits so they served the meal. When it came time for their POS system to notify Disney that the restaurant needs compensated for the meal's credit, the process broke down. That is on Disney and the restaurant.

To all you people who say that it only takes a few minutes to fix this, see Post #3. It took an hour.....

Here is what I would have done.

Here is my CC, charge the bill. Meanwhile I am leaving and will be back in 1 hour. At that time, I expect the problem to be fixed, and the meal credits deducted and the CC charge reversed. And a free desert will be waiting for me.

Restaurant is happy, they get guaranteed payment.

OP is happy, he isn't wasting time while the process is fixed.

The Restaurant eats the dessert cost as the cost of customer service recovery.

This is what happens all the time in non-Disney restaurants, they mess up, comp a desert.
I hate to say it, but who wants to go back to a restaurant an hour later to deal with that? Also, under those conditions, what could just has likely happen if you don't make it back is you wake up the next day and somehow the DDP credits were finally taken but your card charge never was refunded.
Not the sort of thing a guest should have to worry about.


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Is this still really being discussed? So many other things you can complain about out there and fail to allow others to have a different opinion or experience.

If you are this upset about the OP - wait until you hear there is an election.... Twitter awaits!!!
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