Vancouver Excursions and Alaskan Cruise Questions

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Hello all, my family and I are going to take our first cruise on the Wonder in June and I'm feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve (even though our trip is a few months away) :). This will be our longest cruise to date and I can't wait to see my daughters face when we go whale watching. We've been pricing it out and it seems that the tours from Juneau Whale Watching Tours ( are a little cheaper than Disney. Both the whale tours and Skagway tours are highly rated online. Have any of you taken a tour with this company? I guess I'm stuck between going the lesser expensive route with the aforementioned (~$300) or going the Disney route which seems like a safer bet? Also, the tour above meets at the Mt Roberts Tramway. Is this a walkable distance from the Juneau port? Lastly, we don't fly out of Vancouver until close to midnight on debarkation day. I've read that Disney does a Capilano bridge tour/ driving tour that ends at the airport. Can anyone comment on about how long this tour lasts and what time it starts? My main worry would be getting dropped off at the airport at 1pm and having to waste 11 hours waiting in the terminal with my 6 year old. I would love to venture around the city, but we will have all of our luggage in tow and am limited by my daughters walking range. Thanks for any advice and I apologize if listing an excursion company is forbidden, I have no affiliation with any travel company!
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Disney provide a regular and free coach from the pier to Mount Roberts tramway station, it's five minutes by coach. Private tours are the way to go, we did six private tours in the three ports of call. Not yours though.

Blog re our DCL Cruise with photos and the tours we booked.


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We did a whale watch tour out of Juneau a few years ago and it may have been with the company you list; the name sounds familiar. We were really lucky and saw both two pods of Orca and a young humpback who was really in a breaching mood. It was with a different cruise line, but was a really great excursion.
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