USB Chargers?


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Anyone know if Vero Beach and BoardWalk Villas have USB chargers in the rooms? We have a plug-in charging box that USB charging cables plug into but it’s dead. Universal has USB outlets right in the room. Unsure about the other places.


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BWV do have USB ports in the night stand and on the Murphy bed unit.

I don’t want to post a link but I found a room tour done in June this year by the Here with the Ears couple, and they always make a point of pointing out wall outlets and USB ports. Do a search on Boardwalk Villas room tour and they came up fairly near the top.


I know POFQ has several of them scattered around the room. But they may have been put in after the renovations a few years ago.


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The remodeled rooms at Pop Century have 12 usb charging port per room if I remember correctly.


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The DVC rooms at Boardwalk have USB charging units, but I don't think they are built into the furniture/walls like at some of the newer or refurbished properties.


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I know Boardwalk had them on the nightstand and I think there may also have been something near the TV. Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't sell the charging box/cord in the hotel gift shop


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I know it doesn't answer your question but this was such a silly investment in the room upgrades. Every major device manufacturer has moved on to USB-C.
Grand Floridian DVC units don't have then.....I was like They charge 600+ a night and don't have a USB?? No fear the gift shop sells them


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