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News Upscale Walt Disney World experiences packaged under the new 'Crown Collection by Disney'


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We were just talking about stuff like this...

So a couple who wanted to attend this three hour event would have to pay $106.29 PER HOUR and don't even get any legal advice or help creating a will, something one would rightly expect to receive at that hourly rate.
A family of four (assuming they had two children 9 and under) would pay $176 PER HOUR and won't receive any investment advice for their children's future college fund.

But at least there will be fireworks! There's the hidden value....Oh wait, those are the same ones you get to see at MK for free, except you are much further away and can't see the details of the castle projections?....Ok, sounds perfect!
Yeah, but that's at a hotel that charges $500 - $1,300 a night.
Ok, let's say I'm one of the idiots that pays $1,300 a night for a room. With my room comes use of the resort, pool, 60-day fastpass window, convenient proximity to MK, ability to watch the fireworks from my room, a comfortable, sprawling villa to enjoy and a discount on park admission if I purchase a package. I'd say at least as good of perks if not better than the BBQ buffet. Check-in at 4pm and check out 10am following day I would still only be paying $72.22 per hour as compared to the $176 per hour for the family. And that's if I don't invite friends to stay with me in my villa and split the cost with them.
I think the point of the price point is to exclude those who can't afford it -- like me.
I'm wondering if WDWMagic should have a separate feed for these rich people events. I feel like there's a huge problem with social media normalizing this approaching the realm of must do's: "don't forget your ADR's, PhotoPass, Dining Plan, and paid events!" I will say WDWMagic doesn't post these as much as another popular DIS site.
It does! That's where we get the news of our Club 33 events: Overnight stays in the castle with butler service; Caviar Cupcake Parties; Zebra-hunting Tours; Access to all the pavilion lounges; and, Scheduling of Voices of Liberty to sing us to sleep.

Wait... you don't see that section?
So, @wdwmagic, where's our Crown Select forum? And do you take Stocks and Bonds to become a member?


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Good. I, for one, look forward to finally having these under one brand, as money is no object for me. I don't want to be bothered by the riff raff and lower class who regularly inhabit the WDW theme parks. I can't believe I even allow my assistant to type these responses on my behalf on this forum, which is overrun with them. I just want to be escorted backstage to all the rides I want to do, eat at Club 33, watch fireworks from my private viewing area, and then be escorted back to my limo and go home. But I don't want to be seen on a yacht that small, I'll never live it down at the country club.

Albert, that's enough for now. Stop typing and click the 'Post Reply' button.

I said click the 'Post Reply' button! You can't even follow the simple instructions I give you and pay you well for? You're fired, I'll do it mys...
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