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Updates to the Seas Pavilion


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I’m for any kind of improvement to The Living Seas. I would especially be for any kind that removed the lazy and not well implemented Nemo junk.
They really halfway did it. Painting all the Sea Base Alpha panels blue doesn't really do it. Glad to see they are replacing the under water parts though. They were looking rough.

I think Nemo is a fine addition if done correctly. If they had gone full coral like you were in an undersea air pocket, it would have been, in my opinion, one of the best pavilions. Sucks to lose the future stuff, but come on, if it was future sea stuff it would just be a picture of James Cameron everywhere.
If the Georgia Aquarium didn't exist...then the Living Seas pavilion would be cool. ...but alas there's the G.A., as beautiful as ever...
Guess we'll just have to remember the 20 years it was around before the Georgia Aquarium. ;)


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All this is great, but if I'm visiting WDW, I'm not driving to the Florida Aquarium, the Georgia aquarium, or any other aquarium. I'm at Disney.

Regarding Nemo, the minute I saw Finding Dory I thought they should reimagine Seas as the Marine Life Institute and make it educational again.

I wonder if Sigourney Weaver is available?


Foiled Again by Do Gooders
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There are plans for a lot of work to the pavilion. If it keeps funding remains to be seen.

Is this mostly blue sky planning?
Concepts like a new hub, WOL, Seas, Imagination, Epcot Hotel, Even the Space Restaurant (which does not even look like it is close to ground breaking yet)seem to be great theoretical talking points for the future, but not anything that will realistically be done.

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