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Updated news on numerous Disney projects next week


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Sounds promising. Hopefully the Frozen Ever After opening dates are revealed here. I would be very disappointed if nothing of worth end up being revealed, though. Its unfortunatley a possibility wouldn't put past Disney nowadays.


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Hmmm. Very interesting. I generally like knowing things and hearing news, so this should be super exciting to me.

Though I am confused about the schedule. The article reads: On Day 2, we’ll be taking a closer look at the new attractions and entertainment at three parks: Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. And then goes on to say: And on Wednesday, Disney Parks executives will provide updates on the company's upcoming Avatar, Toy Story and Star Wars lands, as well as progress -- and perhaps a launch date? -- on Epcot's Soarin' ride, closed for months for a refresh. I know this is coming from an outside source, but are those not overlapping topics, especially regarding Hollywood Studios? Does that mean "Hollywood Studios" could include something other than Star Wars and Toy Story land? I am just generally wondering why this slew of announcements is occuring.

hope my suspicions are very wrong. Hey, it could possibly be phase 3 and the new park name. And I'm not sure a GotG disaster would be ready for announcement yet. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. This could very well just be a media promotion thing to sort of make up for not having a 24 hour party. Whatever happens, I am hoping for the best and excited to hear about things coming.

Mike S

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the new Star Wars-themed fireworks and light show, "Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular," which debuts this month. Disney says it's the most elaborate fireworks display in the history of Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Bring it on. Guess this means I'll get to see it when I go May 6-8 for the last days of my pass and, hopefully, a soft opening for King Kong.

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