Upcoming solo trip with cancer - places to relax/must do's?


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Last time I went to the parks was 13 years ago while I was in middle school. I am now a 26 year old gal who has been dying to get back to the parks and decided to take the plunge. I'm going from the 3rd - 16th of August and it was a pretty sudden trip plan.

I used to know all the secrets like the party line and know what rides but as most of what is nostalgic to me (GMR, Reflections, Maelstrom) has been taken down or lost what are some modern introductions to the parks you think might be fun? I don't know that there will be another opportunity

I am working on getting a DAS as I am pretty heavily effected by some internal stuff, are there any good places to just get away from the crowds without leaving the bubble? I am staying off property at one of the neighboring resorts.

Basically I need any and all advice. I'm nervous! (And a magic wand to get a reservation to Space 220)


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I feel like there’sa lot of questions in here so it’s kinda confusing my brain a little and I’m not sure how to answer lol. But, don’t be nervous.

For DAS I would recommend calling in and getting it prior to your trip so you aren’t stressing about it. Keep in mind that they need to know about your symptoms and how those symptoms impact your ability to wait in line and/or tour the parks like a non disabled person, not your diagnosis. I mention this so that you don’t get into the call and say you have cancer and then get the “okay so what” and get flustered.

I think there are a ton of things you’ll love to do, and a solid chance you’ll even love the replacements for the things that are no longer there. It would be impossible to list them all, imo.

Sit down shows are crowded but great places to catch a break. My favorites are the festival of the lion king and the frozen show at Hollywood studios, but even that whacky tiki room bird show at MK was a good break from people. Restaurants are NOT a good break from people, but at least you get to sit down? They’re crowded and loud and if It’s a quick service you’re going to need some spoons left in your tank to cover the stress of getting your food and finding your table.

Also I’ve found that almost anywhere in the parks you can find somewhere to put your back against a wall and people watch. But there are also little pockets of peace where no people are. When you need a break, you’ll see them.

Good luck!!
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There are places both in and outside the parks where you can sit and catch your breath.

Around World Showcase there are gardens with spots to sit and get away from the crowds, especially in Japan, the U.K. and Canada. You can sit inside the Peace Temple in China too.

In MK you can find the wishing well around the back of the castle. Not sure if Fantasyland station is still accessible but there are seats around there that can provide some respite. TSI is a favourite place and you can sit in Aunt Polly’s and recharge away from the hustle of the park. Attractions like CoP and the People Mover let you sit and enjoy the nostalgia whilst resting at the same time. There are also lots of low walls to sit on in Adventureland, look for some of the animals carved in the rock work there. Even off Main Street in the alleys can be surprisingly peaceful as you sit and people watch.

Head over to WL, get a beverage and snack of your choice and head upstairs in the lobby to the comfy chairs. Go over to the DVC building and look at the Carolwood Pacific lounge.

Sadly one of my favourite relaxing activities isn’t back yet, the boats around Bay Lake. But you can still ride the boat from Mk to WL, or do the round trip from MK to the GF and Poly. Or the Friendship boats from Epcot to DHS.

And if it all gets a bit too much you can always head to a First Aid station and just sit down and rest.

Enjoy your trip. Take your time and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of new favourite places.
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If you get tired easily, which I'm guessing you do, I cannot recommend a scooter enough. Here's the pitch I made to my mom (looks perfectly healthy outside; insides are being ravaged by the big C):

There is so much "unintentional" walking that you have to do just to get to the parks and the attractions, that you might wear yourself out and feel like you have to leave early, or you might get caught at the back of the park and feel you can't go on. If you look able-bodied, you will get nasty looks from people, but who cares? You don't owe them a damn thing, and they don't know what's going on inside you. If you're able, just park it in the designated areas and walk to the nearby attractions, then hop back on to the next hub area.

She agreed and we had an awesome time. She still had a couple of days where she had to go back earlier than she'd hoped, but she was able to do so much more by having it.

As for some suggestions of less-crowded attractions or places to hang out:

Carousel of Progress
Country Bears
PeopleMover (sometimes busy)
Living with the Land
Take a ride on the Skyliner
Take a ride on the boats connecting EPCOT/MGM/the Crescent Lake Hotels
Head to POR, take a carriage ride, then take the boat to Disney Springs
And here is my secret spot for evenings - if you sit here, you can look left and see the MK fireworks, then look right and watch the Electrical Water Pageant:


Have fun, take it easy, and have a great trip!

*Image from touringplans.com.
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Definitely get an ECV. Took sister and BIL (with brain cancer) to Epcot one year and the scooter helped him keep up his stamina for almost the whole day. You'll want to rent one from off-site as you can't rely on them having enough at the parks.
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Animal Kingdom has a lot of great spaces to get away from the crowds. I would recommend taking some time and walking around the tree of life, or any of the animal trails. A great spot to sit and relax is the nomad lounge near Tiffins. Also, the path that connects from pandora and goes to the festival of the lion king is usually empty and a great place to get away.
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