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Unique Orlando Experiences


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So my girlfriend and I will be in Disney World from June 22nd-30th, Seaworld on the 2nd, and Universal from the 3rd-6th. As you can see, I've left July 1st completely open. I didn't want us to have to rush around as we transferred hotels and got settled in but I also realized that it's not like we need the whole day to get comfortable in the new hotel.

So my question is what are some good half day experiences to spend some time doing on that day? Nothing too big or fancy or anything! And preferably not too far away as we won't have a car so will have to rely on cabs/uber for all our transportation needs.

Thanks for any suggestions!!


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Wandering around Celebrations "downtown" area is always fun plus there is a lot of great restaurants down there for a great meal. Also Winter Parks downtown area is also a great leisurely paced area to get lost in and get a bite to eat away from the crowds and tourists.


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Downtown Winter Garden, Gatorland, Nature Trails (disney actually has a conservation area a bit south you can go through). Some of the IDrive attractions are pretty good too. Highly recommend Lake Eola too - especially if there's a festival going on.


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I'm a big fan of Fun Spot Orlando. They've got two small but very fun rollercoasters, a collection of neat go-kart tracks, and a miniaturized Gatorland outpost. It's a 6-minute uber ride from Universal, and $40 gets you unlimited rides on everything. There's just something about it I really like- especially at night it feels less like a tourist trap and more of an idealized version of what a small, classic amusement park can be.
It's also the cleanest amusement park I've ever been to. Like, cleaner than Disney. Surgical ward clean. It's almost weird.

The Kissimmee location is ok, but the Orlando one is cleaner, newer, and neater.


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If you haven't set plans yet, depending on your age and what you enjoy, downtown Orlando offers great night time entertainment, fantastic bars, clubs and restaurants and an uber is easy and affordable.

Possibly nearby the Orlando Eye and its surrounding complex are really cool and a great way to spend an evening SUPER touristy though.


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Not directed towards you, since you don't have a car, but any of the natural springs in the area are a great diversion.

Tom Morrow

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- Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando
- Downtown Orlando for lots of bars and nightclubs, if that's your thing
- Harry P. Leu Gardens
- Wekiwa Springs State Park
- Lake Louisa State Park - in Clermont, you can see the Contemporary from the entrance
- Bok Tower Gardens - Lake Wales
- I-Drive 360 and the Orlando Eye Complex - plenty of entertainment to fill an evening
- Old Town/Fun Spot Kissimmee - picture beachfront style tourist shops combined with a traditional amusement park next door. Soon it will have a really great coaster.
- Fun Spot Orlando - Right near Universal and has a great wooden coaster, White Lightning
- I-Drive in general has a ton of attractions, however many of them can also be found at other tourist meccas around the country like Gatlinburg, TN
- Pointe Orlando - Another shopping, dining, and entertainment complex on I-Drive
- Gatorland is definitely unique and not very expensive.