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Underappreciated Rides - What’s Your Favorite?

Daily Magic

Original Poster
What’s a ride you absolutely love at DW that doesn’t get enough recognition? Something you have to go on every time you visit even if it gets groans from your friends and family. This could include rides that haven’t been updated in years, rides that make people sick, rides that tend to never have waits, or rides you feel other people tend to avoid.

For me it’s the “Grand Fiesta Tour” in the Mexico pavilion. On top of being my favorite pavilion in Epcot I always enjoy a dark water ride at Disney. I’m always surprised that there never seems to be a wait and I’ll admit I’ve ridden it back to back.


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The Seas with Nemo and Friends. I feel like a lot of people don't find anything special about the ride itself but I enjoy it. It gets more innovative than just screens with the jellyfish and shark scenes, and I do love me some 'In the Big Blue World' as the tanks are introduced. And I could devote an entire Epcot morning to the pavilion afterwards.


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I'll second LWtL...also CoP, Tiki and my favorite, Prince Charming Regal Carousel...I rode it in Olympic Park in Maplewood, NJ (my hometown) when I was (according to my late parents) 18 months old, so I MUST ride it every trip.


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I love Reflections of China. It’s beautiful, compelling and big. I think the movie does an amazing job of capturing the size, mystique and beauty of China. The scene over the Li River is perfection.

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Not sure how it came to be but my family never misses the Tiki Bird show. For some reason my kids have always loved it, and we always take in the subtle details. For years we sat in the back row and now we are sitting closer to the front for a different perspective. And it's always a nice break for the legs and to get out of the heat.


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Not a ride, but an attraction, Impressions de France. Such a beautiful film, yet never exactly praised around the circles I normally see. One of my favorites for sure and something I try to see everytime I’m in World Showcase.
This might be the most gorgeous piece of entertainment ever produced by the Walt Disney Company. I'm almost choked up how perfect it is every time I see it. Hearing that piano trill from Les Carnival des Animaux as the camera moves in towards Chateau Chenconceaux never fails to tingle my spine and give me goosebumps. I don't care a whiff that some of the clothes people wear in the film look a little dated, the overall picture of life in France is timeless.


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Another vote for Pooh, M:S, Impression de France and LwtL

Additionally, Tom Sawyer's Island is such a treasure. The caves, the barrel bridge (when it's available) and the fort with the escape tunnel are all so great! Since there are so rarely areas of nature for kids to explore in the real world, it's nice to have a kind of approximation in MK


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Love, love love Mission Space..Intense mode. Never felt queasy or had it affect me negatively in any way.
Also have continued to enjoy Figment as a relaxing ride, despite all the knocks it gets.

Can you really call a ride "underrated" when it cost the park $100 million (adjusted for inflation it would be even more)? You may enjoy it, but it was clearly a huge flop and set that area back some.

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