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Under 3 ticket question..


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Posting for a friend,
They are taking there 2 year old son to disney in the spring for his 3rd birthday.. His actual birthday is during the trip. The disney cast member on the phone says on his actual birthday she will have to visit a ticket kiosk to purchase a ticket for the remainder of the trip, since he is only free for the age of 2. The paying for the ticket is not the issue, but rather having the wait in line to purchase a ticket rather then being able to do it with their package.. I also just assumed he would be free since he was 2 at check in, but maybe I'm wrong!


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I went last Fall with friends and their son turned 3 there. No issues - he remained "under 3" as far as anyone was concerned at Disney. It was a non issue.
Yes- traveled for my son's 3rd birthday this year and since he was 2 at the start of the trip, no ticket was needed for the duration of the trip. He even wore a birthday button for two days. It wasn't questioned at all.
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