UK's largest air carrier to Orlando offering free COVID-19 insurance


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Glad they secured their (immediate) future today. I've always found them to be decent when flying LGW > MCO - way better than British Airways. Offering Covid insurance makes sense, I'd imagine it's something most carriers will have to do to give people the piece of mind to book anything in advance.

Now maybe they (and British Airways) can get on and refund all of us who've not yet had refunds for cancelled flights over the last few months. Last I read they were now being investigated over it.


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Rumor is theyve pushed back planned operation of flights to MCO from Heathrow until the end of October now.

I'm due to fly out of Manchester to MCO ON 15th of Oct I was told a week ago by a telephone agent for VA that my flight would be cancelled.
I advised them that I had to pay the balance of the hotel and park Package to WDW the following day, the said my flight would be being cancelled so not to pay that and wait for the cancellation notice.

I amended my WDW part to Aug2021 ive now had a further message to say the Manchester departing flights are dropped from daily to 4 per week but currently mine is still due to fly ....

I think they are trying hard to get back into the skies but as our risk rate of travelling to other countries in 20 cases out of 100,000 people it seems there woild need to be a change at the UK end on restictions such as quarantine on return as well as the USA restricrilns being lifted for us to enter.

We have the full 14 night package staying at CBR which if we could fly I think we would keep in for next year when there is more normality to WDW and as our flights are already paid in full (my parents are flying too) maybe book a villa for this Oct and see what else Florida has to offer apart from WDW.....


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Great marketing idea. The risk to the company is minimal while the peace of mind for the traveler is invaluable.


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I just re-read this.

$500,000 cover is way below what most insurance policies would cover for medical expenses. $2m is the usual amount quoted. I wonder what would happen if someone did need hospital treatment and the bill exceeded that amount?

That said, it is now possible to get insurance that will cover you if you need treatment whilst away, so the extra peace of mind of cover if you couldn’t fly to your destination is well worth it.

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