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News Typhoon Lagoon offering a limited-time Adults-Only area during holiday week


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for an upcharge?


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I've always been surprised they haven't done something like this already. They pull it off well on the cruise ships. I imagine it'll be very popular. Hopefully, kids won't get abandoned, but they always seem to manage on the cruise line so I think everything will be OK.


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Sounds like a trial balloon to see how well received/attended something like this would be, for future consideration. Not sure about the timing, though, that seems a little strange to me.


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I don't really see the point. I was kept out of a lot of Pleasure Island as a kid, and as an adult I guess I expected there to be more nudity or something.


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I can't wait to see Disney's take on a nude beach
A lot of adults with no children go to WDW to relax and have fun, same as families. Let me have a corner of TL where I can drink eight rum runners and get sunburned in peace. You wouldn't want the children to see that anyways.
I totally get and support this sentiment. I can't imagine what upcharge I would pay for 2-3 hours adults-only child-free at any theme park. They'd make a MINT.

But during holiday week? When most everyone is taking their kids (because they r off from school)? Maybe it's because of that?
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