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Typhoon Lagoon New Raft Ride - Miss Adventure Falls


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I'm sure people will find a reason to hate it. ;)
The only negative is that it probably won't be beautifully built into rockwork like the original slides at the waterparks, it will probably be more like Crush'n'Gusher, where the supports are visible. However compared to Wet'n'Wild...

This does sound like a great addition to Typhoon Lagoon and adds something that a family can experience together!


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So, I wonder what the impact would be for Gang Plank Falls, which is much weaker than BB's Teamboat Springs. Can anyone do the measurements and see roughly how long this would be compared to other family raft rides?

Also, when in the permit end date? Would that indicate a timeframe for completion?


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Wow, I was pretty sure Disney forgot the water parks even existed. This is great news.

People always say Disney pays no attention to what Universal does... if that's the case, it's a bit of a coincidence that they finally decide to do something just as Universal's water park is opening.
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