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Two Trips or one LONG trip....Help Me decide!!!

Todd L

Well-Known Member
Original Poster
Hello. My wife and I are trying to figure out what to do.

We Joined the Dvc last year and have done two really great Trips so far.

We are getting close to the 11 month mark for our next trip and are trying to figure out what to do. Id like to go Next July and stay for 10-12 Nights at our home resort Akv.

My wife thinks we should do a shorter trip In July and go back for the last week in November to enjoy the light crowds and Xmas decorations......

We have been to wdw for both these weeks in the past and really loved them for different reasons.

What do you think??


Well-Known Member
If it were me, I'd lean toward the 2 trips. No matter how long a trip is I'm always dying to go back a few months later so having the option of doing that would always be my choice. :)


Active Member
I guess I have always wanted to take a longer vacation to WDW, so I would vote for 1 long trip. This way you can relax a little bit and maybe get to enjoy some things that maybe you would not have time to do on a shorter trip. I normally only get to go for 5-6 days at a time so I become a park maniac and spend almost all of my waking hours there. Half the time I never even get to see the pool, let alone get to swim in it. If I could spend 10-12 days there, it would be so nice to spend a few days just relaxing by the pool and enjoying the resort.


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The prices of flights might make the decision for me. If you can afford to fly your whole family down there again then do it. But if its going to add another 1,900 to your budget to go again then forget it. Im jut guessing that number, i dont know how many people are in your family and where you're flying from etc. Going for 1 big trip saves you that extra flight $$. But if $$ isnt an issue and flights are cheap then i would do 2 trips.


Well-Known Member
As a PP said, the flight prices could be a huge factor. The other costs could be pretty much balanced, but an few extra hundred dollars could make a huge difference.


Well-Known Member
Since we drive (1/2 day trip for us), we would vote for two 5 to 6 day trips (at the different times of the year). Probably, no wrong answer; it's a happy dilemma, and another positive, you get to experience two different DVC Villas (if you choose to).


New Member
I would do two trips that way you're not pressed for time to do/see everything at once (event though the long trip is 10-12 nights). There is a lot to do at the World and it can get overwhelming!


Well-Known Member
This is a easy one. You get the opportunity to escape reality at one of the best places on earth twice in the same year and you are not sure? 1 long trip is nice but then you have nothing to look forward to. 2 short trips = two breaks from reality for me.

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