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Two senior women snowbird cast members looking for roommate next January


Original Poster
Hello Disney Folks,

My spouse Yvonne is CT(Casual Temporary)cast member. We have lived in the Disney area as snow birds for the last 10 years.

Our neighbors next door are selling their home. For the last 8 years they have rented January 1st-April 1st to two wonderful senior women who also work as CT cast members. One, Charlotte (Charley), is from St. Louis and the other, Marianne, is from Pennsylvania. They are perfect renters. They care for the home like it their own, and love being part of Disney for 3 months.

We are trying to help them find a living situation for next winter. Our experience is that we have rented our home here in the past to families visiting Disney and are very familiar with area and the rental market here.

They are currently looking for 3-4 bedroom condos or homes for to rent Jan-April. These homes INCLUDE ALL UTILITIES AND FEES. They are looking for a 3rd or even 4th female to join them for 3 months. Budget would be around $500-$700/month per person depending on what they find and how many folks share the home. They are looking for a 3rd and possibly 4th woman to share the home. Again, this includes all utilities, cable, and internet and would definitelyinclude a private bedroom with TV and of course all the rest of the home. I am the most internet savvy of the group, so am posting this to help them locate a roommate. They are have offers on a 4 bedroom home and a 3 bedroom condo at this time. Both within 15 minutes of Disney.

If any solo female members of this board are looking to snowbird in the Disney area with folks who live the dream andare cast members, this is an opportunity for next January.

FYI, Yvonne works with Charley at Coronado Spring's Panchito's Gift Shop and Marianne works on Main Street at the Emporium. They all do 150 hours/year to keep Casual Temporary Status.

They are in their early 70’s so ideal folks to share a home would be about age equal.

For anyone who might be interested Yvonne and I will provide Charley and Marianne with your contact information,maybe an email to start, and let you and them take it from there.
Ted and Yvonne from Iowa