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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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I don’t recall seeing that but could have missed it. Thought the whole building was sealed in the winter.


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So does this mean the train could open soon? I can't understand why they can't just build a make-shift tunnel until the construction is done. It seems as though all the heavy lifting is done.

Would be wonderful if it could open by October. Not gonna hold my breath though.


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Personally I’d have liked the dark ride E in the Discovery Center instead of another outside launched coaster so near Hagrids but when you get the offer of a BOGOHP what you gonna do?
While I would normally agree, Hagrids is what I call a GP friendly coaster. IMO Velocicoaster replaces Dragon Challenge.


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Excuse me, stewardess. I speak jive:


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Even though it won’t add nearly enough capacity to MK it will add a little and every bit helps over there.
I estimated that MK probably needs at minimum 6K in additional attraction capacity over and above an open WDW Railroad. This is one of the reasons the elimination of the Main Street theater is a killer.

I believe TRON adds about 1300-1400, but someone else may be able to correct that.

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