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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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Does Tron: Lightcycle/ Run at the Magic Kingdom has a sponsor for this ride and what is the name of the name of the Sponsor for Tron: Lightcycle run. I always forgot the sponsor name! I thought it's Enterprise Rent a car? :confused:
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That doesn't even make sense. Rat/Tron/Guardians were greenlit by the board YEARS ago, money was allocated and budgets approved years ago, announced to the public years ago, and are in the near final stages of their construction. It would make 0 business sense to not finish and open them. They will need new signature attractions to promote for the next five years especially when faced with increased competition from Universal Orlando.

What is more likely to be cut are projects that haven't even started yet (SSE, any hope of a new tomorrowland for Disneyland) and smaller ancillary projects (Mary Poppins, Moana).

Correct. Rat and Tron will both be open within 12-14 months, without a doubt.

Guardians relies on a few extraneous factors that could prevent it from opening in 2021. That being the need to film media with the cast of the films. But, the ride will happen. Just quite delayed.

According to @marni1971, Spaceship Earth is still on track to happen. The refurbishment is happening but to what extant we do not know.

Harmonious is something they cannot afford to delay longer than they absolutely must. Having a quality nighttime show is the reason why people stick around to eat and drink at Epcot past 7 PM.

I really hope the Tomorrowland cosmetic touches continue. It’s small enough and has been extremely piecemeal. I wish it was more unified in its approach, but it is an objective improvement.

Journey of Water and Mary Poppins are the big “up in the air” projects. Understandably.


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Its like they had these different color panels left over from other projects and just decided to use them here. Still cant wrap my head around it.

Maybe they'll paint them all one colour later? Either way the view won't improve much between now and the project's completion.

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