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Trip report... 9/2-9/7

Hey Im back

We drove to Florida so we left the 31st. It poured the entire drive down and apparently I slept through a huge one after we got in to FL.

We stayed at the WL and got upgraded for free to a better room, facing the villas and the smaller pool. We went to MGM that night for the FANTASMIC dinner plan. We ate at Mama Melrose and I had the chicken parm. YUMMY! We thought that the show was gonna get rained out but it didnt.

The next day we did MK, and saw a bunch of characters as we went in. Then we got to eat cookies!! (YAY careship!! I like cookies and those rocked!) We rode Buzz and Pooh and a few others but it looked like it was gonna rain so we went back.

more later...


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So the next day we did EPCOT... the front half... When did SE start to rattle really badly? My dad and sis rode MS... yeah I chickened out... We waited over an hour for them to get off. We pretty much did the front half that day b4 it rained. Then we did enight!!! Fun stuff! I rode TM!!!!!!!!!! Cool stuff. I did Buzz and such too, Stayed till 2AM!!

Next day, slept till 10 skipped breakfast and ate lunch then went MINI GOLFING!!!!!! heheeeeeeee! Wandered to the BoardWalk for dinner and ate at the ESPN place! :sohappy: :sohappy: Got to watch the yankee game! (if u go there check out the bathrooms!)

We went to go to Blizzard Beach the next day, but the place was full, at 10!!! IT OPENS AT 9!!!!!!!!!! Then one CM at the WL saw my sis was crying and came over and he gave her a big hug... :) We went back to EPCOT that afternoon and did the Worlds. Ate at Taste of Marakesh... not that the food is BAD... just not my taste...

Next day...

I was allowed to do whatever I wanted ALONE!!! Stupid mistake... I being the moron that I am managed to get on the WRONG BUS!! There are 2 buses at each stop and I didnt know that... and jumped on. I cant even say I didnt see it b/c I had my glasses on. Ended up at the Grand Floridian... then got lost there... took the monorail from there... and enjoyed myself... rode test track only watied 15 mins. Then went to the worlds and ate lunch.

Went to MGM later that day and saw the parade very cool!

Then we had to go home...
:cry: :cry: :cry:


I'm happy to hear you had a great time. I know, the rain was a bummer... but most of the time it didnt rain until mid-afternoon.. so we at least had some time to enjoy the sun.. sorry we didnt get to meet :(

Talk to you later..

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