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Trip Report Treat Yo Self! (within reason) LIVE-ish!


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Day 6: the end

There was a PORS bus ready to leave and nothing at the FQ spot so I went for the sure thing (and another stroll down the Sassagoula River)

No time for a chat new tree friend- I gotta leaf. 😉


I really like the color scheme for the buildings at FQ.

Picked up my suitcase, grabbed a muffelata and one final lobby sniff on my way out to wait for the airport bus.

Before I could even start to eat my sandwich a bus showed up. It was 20 min before my scheduled time but since they tell you to get there 15 min early I wanted to check with the driver if I was on this bus or the next.

He assured me there would be another bus in 20 min but said if I wanted to go now I could. I said of course I don’t want to go but I guess I should.

I begrudgingly boarded the early bus. Nothing of note at the airport. Didn’t seem too busy. I was through TSA super quick.

A breastfeeding pod at the airport. Cool idea. The code to unlock it was “8008” 😂

Flight back was fine. There was a little one who started screaming as soon as we began to taxi. Poor little guy. He did quiet down at times. Extra thankful for headphones and DH’s sweet playlists.

And then I was back in the cold. It was 19*F and very late. Got a very sleepy greeting from DH and doggo.

Look what was waiting for me in the mail pile.

😂Oh Disney I just can’t quit you.

Day 6 Wrap Up:

: 0
Boozes: 0 😔
New attractions: Liberty Belle, Enchanted Tiki Room
Song of the day: My Doorbell- The White Stripes


Well that’s it for now. I will post some final thoughts/wrap up in a couple days. Gotta catch up on real life for a bit.

Thanks for reading!


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Wrap Up Thoughts Part 1

I’ve been back from my trip for a few days but it already seems like it was forever ago. 😔

I’m so honored that so many people were interested in what I had I say. Thank you all very much. 🥰

I figured I would push my luck and give some final thoughts. It will be in multiple parts (to make it easier to do.. at work 🤫)


Solo nature of trip:
Wasn’t a weird as anticipated. Truly no one else is concerned with what you are doing.

My overall opinion on the solo trip is that I am glad that I did it. It accomplished my goals of rewarding myself, allowing me to escape the cruddy weather and using up some vacation days.

I have been lucky enough to experience Disney multiple ways and now can include solo as one of them.

Would definitely do another solo trip again if able but also plan on plenty of more trips with others too.


Solo trip pros:
  • True freedom to do whatever I wanted and on whatever schedule I wanted.
  • My extra tours- experience-wise and price-wise I was glad I did them solo.
  • Moving around the the park was a breeze solo.
Solo trip cons:
  • Actually not really any. I did really start to miss DH by day 5 though.
Solo trip neutrals:
  • Certain aspects of the trip may have been better enjoyed with people in the same way that certain aspects were better alone.
  • Example: my little bro and I always try to take the most ridiculous ride pictures. I managed a really funny SSE one but was a little sad to not be able to see his reaction to seeing it revealed during the descent
Oh penicillin. How I love you and hate you (well mostly allergies and “allergies” to you.)

Your grandmother’s 2nd cousin might have had GI upset so now you have an allergy? 350037


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Wrap Up Part 2- Resorts

This trip was my second stay at POP, my first stay at POFQ and my first time doing a split stay.

I can’t say enough good things about this resort. Especially with the refurbed rooms, this place is great. POP has a fun and bright vibe to it- to me it just feels very Disney.

Had great experiences with the buses and the food court. I enjoyed my preferred room in the 50’s. Fingers crossed that next trip I get to try out another section.

Love these curtains.

That’s 8 of the 10 pillows in the room. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would have liked to trade in a pillow or two for tiny H2O lotion bottles.

I really wanted to like this resort more than I did. Perhaps it had just been too overhyped for me.

Don’t get wrong. My room and the grounds were beautiful but I just felt like it was missing a certain je ne sais quoi. I just felt myself comparing it to Riverside (which perhaps is why I wandered over there so often)

More curtain love

So much better than previous creepy masks.

I can see the advantage to staying here if you needed a more compact resort though. Perhaps if my stay was longer I would have appreciated it more.

After getting home I did look at what it would cost to upgrade the May trip from POP to PORS. And to do it for both rooms it would be over a grand. Nope. As much as I enjoy Riverside can’t justify that cost difference. Especially not for the little time we tend to spend in the room.

It was interesting to be able to compare a value and mod in real time. I would say with the updates to POP and impending skyliner I can see Disney justifying (slightly) higher POP prices.

What I can’t understand is the current moderate pricing. It just seems disproportionately high for what you are getting in comparison to a value.

Split Stay

The split stay process was easy peasy. No issues with DME or with using luggage services to move my stuff. I would say that doing 2 nights in FQ felt a bit rushed.


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Just curious - if your mom was watching your dog because your DH was at a conference, where did she think you were? Did you finally tell her you were doing Disney solo? 😉


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Just curious - if your mom was watching your dog because your DH was at a conference, where did she think you were? Did you finally tell her you were doing Disney solo? 😉
Yeah. It was actually My Disney Experience that gave me away. 😂 I started planning another trip in May with my family and didn’t realize it shared all of my plans with them and not just our shared plans.

So my family found about my trip a couple of weeks prior and everything ended up ok.

A bonus side effect of them being in the loop was that my husband could go to that conference and have dog care arranged.

It was a work thing he was on the fence about so when the trip was secret he used the dog as a reason not to go. I think in the end he was happy he did go though.
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