Travelling between Universal hotel and Disney hotel.


Hi everyone,
So we are planning to go next summer, it will be myself, my husband, daughter 13, daughter 3, my mum and my dad.
My parents have never been and they want me to pretty much plan the trip.
The idea is we arrive, then have 3 days staying in a universal hotel and going to Universal, then a day transferring to a Disney hotel, then spend the rest of the holiday at Disney.
We don't really want to drive, myself and my mum will get an uber or lyft to wal-mart to pick up some bits to avoid needing a carseat.

What are the options for transport between the two hotels, I'm struggling to find somewhere that will include a carseat for my toddler. I feel like there must be somewhere that will provide them?



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We've always used rideshares to transfer (in our case, just 4 people with one small suitcase each).

Uber has an option that includes carseats. Depending on the amount of luggage, though, private transportation (a towncar or SUV) might be a better fit, although it will be more expensive...

Hi. thank you!
I must not of been searching for the right phrase, for some reason 'private transport' never entered my head and I immediately found what I was looking for!
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My family went to Orlando May 2021 we did same thing. 3 nights Universal and the rest of stay at WDW. The three of use took an uber between resorts. I think it was around $40-$45. Super easy. I'm heading back in Jan 23 doing the same thing but this time there will be six of us.
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