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transportation Question from the airport?


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Hi all! We'll be going to Disney officially on January 23! However, with Magical Express ending Does anyone have any suggestions to get to the parks from Orlando Airport? I was thinking Lyft or uber. But, we have a lot of luggage. Is there a bus that goes directly to Disney hotels?

BTW, super, super depress Magical Express will be ending. It started the trip so magically! Looking for something similar, if possible.

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Why not use Mears Connect which is essentially the new DME?
Here's the link to stay up to date on when you can book and how much it will cost.
Its unfortunate that they have not provided more info and you WERE supposed to be able to start booking by now but its been delayed.
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As was noted above, Mears Connect should be available before too long and will offer comparable service to DME (but without the luggage transfer service Disney used to provide where they claimed your bags for you at the airport and took them to your hotel, so you'll be responsible for bringing your bags along). It will be a shared bus, however, so just as with DME, you can't guarantee immediate departure, and your hotel will be among several stops the bus will make.

If you'd like to be a little fancy and don't mind paying around $110 for the trip (after tax and tip), there are a number of reputable private towncar transportation services available. (I think Mears has a comparable "sedan" service, if you want to stick with that company.)

We've used a couple of different ones (Orlando Airport Towncar and Orlando Luxury Transportation, but there are many comparable companies), and the procedure was the same. They'll track your flight, and the driver will send you a text when you land to let you know they're there. You'll meet up with your driver at Baggage Claim, where they'll help you with your bags and escort you just outside to the private pick-up area (thus making you feel like a total baller). A free grocery stop is often an option with such services, as well. Just be sure to read reviews and vet the company ahead of time, and read the small print on your agreement so you're aware of cancellation policies and fees, etc.

If you'd rather use Lyft or Uber (which are far less expensive), they are great options and will take you directly to your hotel. (I assume you'll want to go to the hotel first, to drop off luggage in your room or with Bell Services. If you're staying onsite, you can then use complimentary Disney transportation to get to the parks. If you're off-site, you can use rideshares to get to the parks, or whatever transportation your hotel provides, if any.) If you have a lot of luggage, I suggest hiring a larger rideshare vehicle than you technically need for your party size, and/or messaging the driver to ensure that their particular vehicle has sufficient space ahead of time.
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Does anyone think it is possible that the reason Mears hasn't started booking their new service yet is that Disney may be negotiating with them to extend DME until the Brightline train service is ready in a few years? It's probably just wishful thinking but I do wonder.
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