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Transport Park


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Transport Park
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebration_City for area.

Transport Park is a park in Branson, Missouri. It's replacing Celebration City, an abandoned theme park since 2008. The park is owned and operated at one park, so no multiple parks or complexes worldwide.

Transport Park is supposed to celebrate transportation of humans. From the wheel to the sky, Transport Park is to educate and entertain, much like EPCOT.

Map Transport.png

That is the current map set. There are only 5 lands, and the parking lots are not numbered or named. In the middle of the lot is a moving walkway that'll take you right to the entrance of the park.

Park ticket prices, packages, and more are as followed:

Adult Ticket 1-Day: $101
Child (3-11) Ticket 1-Day: $96
Toddlers (0-2) Ticket 1 Day: $3
Adult Ticket 2-Day: $198
Child (3-11) Ticket 2-Day: $189
Toddlers (0-2): $5
Family5 Ticket Package (Two Adult Tickets, Three Child Tickets): $487
Family-Friend Ticket (Relative or Friend Without Seasonal Tickets): $87 per friend
Seasonal Pass (January-June): $250 every June 30
Seasonal Pass (July-December): $265 every December 31
Seasonal Pass (Whole Year): $350 every December 31

For wait times, line-skips, and mobile orders, visit the TransportPark+ app. This app allows you to check out wait times for certain attractions, lets you use "Line-Skipper", and lets you order food ahead of time.

Line-Skipper is the park's system of FastPasses, just a little different. Upon entering the app, press the Line-Skipper tab. This will prompt you to the ticket scanner screen. Scan every family member's ticket to access them to all attractions with Line-Skipper. Then hit "next". The screen should now list attractions and times. Select the certain attraction and time, then hit submit.

You'll have a one-hour window from your selected time to access Line-Skipper. Once your one-hour slot is up, the skipper becomes expired, and you may now choose another Line-Skipper without re-scanning your tickets.

Mobile Order is almost exactly the same way. Upon entering the app, choose the Mobile Order tab. This'll take you to a page where it will list restaurants and menus. Choose a restaurant, choose the food, then hit submit. When you're ready to get to your food, just tap "I'm Coming" so the chefs know to start cooking.

At the restaurant, choose the Mobile Order line and wait for your food. At the counter, present your bar-code so the person knows what food to give you. Simple!


This is the last new thread for parks for me for now. I don't want to spam my parks (probably already have) all over the forums. :)


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Train Station Land

(Concept art only)

Straight outta boring info and into the fun part. Train Station Land was delicately built to style the early train era. As time *slowly* moves on, you can wander around. The entrance into the land is unique. You must go through a hole busted in a train. After crossing over, you feel old vibes as you walk around and notice actors in costume, and the workers are in costume, too! Street actors perform during the day in the middle of the pathways.


The Eleventh High Platform -
(Height requirement: 48") (Line-Skipper)
Board a train and have a blast going in and out of train stations, banking curves. From up... to downward thrills, this roller coaster is for every coaster type liking. Starting and ending at the Eleventh Platform, you'll go on a high-speed train journey while blazing through stations!

Snowy Caps -
(Height requirement: 36") (Line-Skipper)
A more soothing coaster for the little ones, this coaster zooms through snow-capped mountains, going up and down, up and down, up and down. Also, there's some banked turns and and audio animatronic polar bear at the end.

Bullet Blasters -
This "anyone can ride" dark ride goes through trains and history, as well as a visit inside a bullet train with effects making you feel as if you are in those high speed puppies. The vehicles are classic, blue-padded seats that seat up to 4 (2 front, 2 back).


Loading Bay Buffet -
This buffet-restaurant serves only the freshest and healthiest food. From salad, to striped fudge cookies, this restaurant is an all you can eat, face stuffing beast, ranging from $17.99-$21.99.

Bullet Bab's
Join in on grandma's home cooking, on a train. She'll make steak, salads, dessert, drinks, and everything in between. Set inside of a few old boxcars, everyone gets a window seat. Ranging from $12.99-$34.99.

Platform Food Cart -
If fine dining is not your fancy, that's okay, because we have you covered. Here at Platform Food Cart, we've got churros, sub-sandwiches, candy, and pastries from all over the world. Have the pleasure of sitting down or watching as Snowy Caps riders whiz along the track.


Wheelturners & Co. -
Nestled in crates and bins, the merchandise here is excellent. This quaint store fits all kinds of needs, from big to small, we've got it all at Wheelturners & Co. Shirts, hats, and accessories can be bought here. Ranging from $2.99-$39.99

Briggs Station -
After riding Eleventh High Platform, stay awhile and shop inside Briggs Station where technology takes the stage! Explore train models and for $23.99 per person, go VR and conduct your very own train! Merchandise is more clothes and train toys, as well as oil paintings. Ranging from $12.99-$97.99.