Trail's End at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort reopens July 17

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Nice to see another returning dining option. I'd prefer buffet style but can live with family style. Bummed however that they took the fried chicken off the menu. It was basically what Hoop Dee Doo offered without the show.

A great night was dinner at Trails End buffet and the Chip N Dale campfire singalong on an off park or half park day. Just my opinion.
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Even without the fried chicken, it's probably the best family meal deal left on property.


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I'm glad it's open but that's 1/10th of the food offering. Cheesy potato casserole is super unusual. I plan on returning to Disney when the buffets open back up.


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Remember several factors weighed on this decision. One buffets are not yet deemed safe by a good section of the public. Two Disney is still short staffed. Three what can be prepared with the current staffing. Does this mean fried chicken is gone forever? Time will tell. Personally I don't care for their choices as I don't want the chicken, fried or not, or the sausage. I'll be making more meals in my RV when I'm staying in the campground.


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Has anyone eaten here since it reopened? We loved the buffet when my wife and I went in 2017 so we were really looking forward to returning when we go back in December but this time with our girls. Not sure the family style will make everyone in our family happy.

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