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Trail’s End Restaurant closing this Spring to reopen with a new concept


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to me trails end was the best breakfast bargain anywhere in the whole area, shame it is going away, liked to eat there and take the boat to MK.
We just ate there earlier this month. It was very enjoyable, but not busy at all, especially considering the value (taking Disney prices into account).

Pirate Magic

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Trails End will be missed by my family we would go there every year! The food was good and it was the inexpensive. Also it was the best secret on Disney property. As far as it was a pain to go to, to me it was worth it. Again sorry to see it go. Another one bites the dust!!!


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This is easily one of my favorite restaurants at WDW. The Davy Crockett memorabilia is absolutely incredible. It’s really like taking a trip back in time, to the 70s or the 1830s. Awesome stuff, much of it was used as props during filming.


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Sad to see. This was without a doubt the best restaurant on property. Hopefully the new quick service has the same quality, which is highly unlikely.


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Disappointing, but not surprising. The campground needs better quick service offerings than it is had all these years, and, as others have said, Trail's End is difficult to get to if you aren't staying at Fort Wilderness, so it's a logical change. But I always enjoyed going there for the atmosphere, the unpretentious comfort food, and the price.

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