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Tracking new years eve


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I am thinking bout going to Orlando this or next year for new years eve/the surrounding days.

I know MK does the new years fireworks twice a day as listed on the 30th and 31st. Epcot is listed as having harmonious at 6:30 (we know they do fireworks countdowns to midnight but is there a second harmonious show before this year?) Hollywood studios is not listed to have fireworks at all even thought they are scheduled until midnight. To my knowledge they usually have a stage and countdown fireworks. My Disney experience I would think would be clear on these things unless they are largely unannounced in general which would not be surprising.

In some recent years I heard this time of year was not so bad due to pass block outs and dynamic pricing. Do you think it will be the same this year?

Given the lack of passholders and the high spend crowd I am interested to see the value of genie plus these days.

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