Toy Story Midway Mania Strategy Guide! (score above 250k, every time!)


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*UPDATED* Toy Story Midway Mania Strategy Guide! (score above 300K, every time!)

UPDATED 2/20/2010.

Hello, again, fellow Midway maniacs. I am updating this guide after almost two years. This is the most comprehensive guide to getting the highest score that you will be able to find on the internet. I hope you enjoy it.

My personal highest score on TSMM is now 383,000+
. I achieved this while playing with someone else.

The highest score I have seen on the monthly high score board is an astounding 405,000+.

This score was achieved by a guest, not a cast member, who plays every weekend, and plays solo.

Contrary to former belief, it is now known that to achieve the highest scores, you must play solo. Unlocking the big secrets while playing solo IS VERY CHALLENGING, and I have updated the games with an expert solo strategy.

Ready to learn the secrets needed to consistently get good score on TSMM?

Please note that while I am a CM at DHS, that the secrets found in this guide were found by my friends and I through playing the game. If you would like to have fun discovering the secrets yourself, by all means, stop reading. It is extremely rewarding when you unlock the easter eggs for those big scores.

It is very important to understand that in this game, your accuracy doesn't matter at all. Disregard the accuracy portion of the score screen, and shoot as fast as possible. The goal is to accumulate as many points, and as fast as possible.



There are absolutely no points to be had here, so take this time to get used to your gun. Depending on how far you've pulled your lap bar down, it may be easier to shoot different parts of the screen, and pull your string faster.

I prefer to keep the lap bar and gun further away from my body... but play often and find out what works best for you.



Game 2, Hamm And Eggs

There are two places you can be sitting for this game, the seat closer to the split in the two screens (we'll call this person the barn shooter) or the seat closer to the edge of the screen (we'll call this person the hen house shooter)

The ideal situation is to be the person who will be taking the hen house, in the bottom corner of the screen. The ideal score for this person will be about 45,000. The strategy here is simple. In the bottom corner a fox will pop out worth 500 points. Shoot it, and two hens will run out, worth 1,000 and 2,000 points respectively.

Expert solo strategy: In between shooting the hens, there are two pigs above the hen house, each worth 100 points. Shooting both of these will make a cat appear, and each time it appears, its point value will increase. If you can get in a good rhythm you can can easily score over 50,000 points on this game.

If it happens you're the person not closest to the hen house, you can still get about 28,000 points, but you're going to have to work for it. At the top of your half of the screen, you will see a barn. You will need to shoot all the targets in it, and it will flip. Now, three mice targets, worth 2,000 points each will be in the barn. They are very small, and will hide from you. Shoot all three, and the entire screen will fill with 1,000 point targets for you and your teammate to hit. Doing this all in a fast matter is extremely difficult, and compared to hitting the hen house, very unfair.



Game 3, Bo Peep's Baaa-loon Pop

The ideal score for this game is around 50,000, but you can push it to 60,000 with some practice. This will be the first time you need to coordinate with your teammate. Each person has 5 balloons on the top corners of their screen, which, when shot, produce water. When all five of these are cleared, the screen rains with 500 point balloons, but this is not exactly what you want to happen in this game.

Each teammate should shoot exactly FOUR of these balloons. Then, when both people are done doing that, try and coordinate shooting your respective last water balloons at the same time! If done correctly, the screen will now rain with 2,000 point balloons. Shoot them as fast as you can.

Expert solo strategy: Quickly shoot 4 balloons in the corner of the screen closest to you, then shoot the 5 furthest away from you. After this is done you have exactly 3 seconds to go back and shoot the last balloon on your side of the screen, to trigger the bonus points. Try to do this as fast as possible so you can spend lots of time clearing the rest of the board.

After that's done, spend a lot of time shooting the targets worth 500 and 1000. If you see a higher point balloon, don't waste too much time chasing it if you don't feel confident enough to hit it with one or two darts. You're score will improve if you stay focused on rapidly shooting the larger 500 targets.



Game 4, Green Army Men Shoot Camp

Ready? Aim! Break those plates! SIR YES SIR!

Your ideal score for this game will be about 75,000 Coordinate with your teammate, because about 5 seconds into the game, each side of the screen will have a 2,000 point plate pop up into the air. If both sides hit theirs at the same time a tank will appear and shoot out 6 plates, each worth 5,000 points. In between the tank shooting, aim only for 1,000 and 2,000 point plates.

Expert solo strategy: This is a bit trickier to unlock on your own than the previous one. I have found it is easier to shoot the plate closest to you as it is rising, then quickly shoot the one further away from you as it is falling. You must get both on the first try to be able to get all 6 of the 5,000 plates from the tank.



Game 5, Buzz Lightyear's Flying Tossers

Look down at your score board. Before this game, I like to have close to 200,000, but I average around 150,000. Your ideal score for this game is a whopping 80,000 points.

The secret in this game is deceptively easy, but if you mess up, it will be frustrating. There will be a rocket ship filled with 8 aliens worth 100 points each. They will re-spawn shortly after you hit them. Work with your teammate and ring them all before the re-spawn. The rocket ship will blast off, and the easter egg unlocked.

The easter egg is a robot's mouth that will open and close. When it's open, a point value will be shown, starting with 500, and eventually reaching 2.000. Throw as many rings into the box as possible when it is open.

When it is closed, stay on your side, and focus on these targets, in this order:
Jetpack 2000
planets 500
far away alien 5,000

If you can hit all of these targets and put a lot of rings in the box, I bet a score of about 125,000 could be achieved in this game!

Expert solo strategy: Unlocking this secret will make or break your score. It all comes down to skill. I like to start with the top aliens. To unlock this secret by yourself, you have to be sure that every ring you throw will hit an alien, and move on to the next one while your previous ring is still in the air. Once you unlock the robot, do not shoot rings into its mouth when it first opens. You are better of ringing the planets and the jet-pack. Know when the robot will open next, and have rings already in the air just before it opens. Do not miss the 5,000 point aliens that will appear on the side.


Game 6, Woody's Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery

It all comes down to this! This game is really a three parter, and I will handle it as such! If your score is over 250,000 before this game, you are doing very well! If your score is at 290,000 or above, then you are having a near perfect game, assuming you are following this guide. Get ready to break into that leader board!

Game 6, Part 1

Time to work with your partner again! To start out, the screen should have 7 targets. When each target is shot, 3 to 5 new targets will pop out. The objective here is to shoot each target once! It is important to note that the targets will re-spawn. So, do not waste times shooting the same ones twice!

If you and your teammate have quickly cleared the screen of each bullseye, then each target will disappear, and the screen will explode full of new bullseyes worth only 2,000 and 1,000 points. The best strategy here is to rapidly fire at everything you can.

Expert solo strategy: The key to playing this one solo is not unlocking it, but how fast you can unlock it and have time to clear the board, once it is unlocked. Only practice will make you faster

Game 6, Part 2

Your car will begin moving along with the screen. This part is very short. Keep and eye out for the bigger targets. You should be able to hit at least three targets worth 2,000 here.

To get the targets worth 2,000 points, shoot the targets worth 500 points that are grouped in pairs. Each time you do this, a 2,000 target will pop up. You can do this as much as you have time for.

Game 6, Part 3

There will be two mine carts traveling toward you. Alternate hitting them from left to right. After the first three, a bat will appear above worth 1,000. Quickly hit him, and go back to hitting mine carts. Another bat worth 5,000 will then appear. Tag that one too, and finish with the mine carts. If you've done this correctly, your two final mine carts will be worth 5,000 each.

Expert solo strategy:If you are really good, you can try and spray all four rows of mine carts. If you are not confident in doing that, you can at least hit the bats on both side.

Your final objective is to shoot as quickly as possible at the target as it grows in points. It will max out at 2,000.

Expert solo strategy: I basically look away from the screen and focus only on firing as fast as possible. Getting in one or two final shots here can be the difference between top score of the day and top score of the month.

When done, hold your arm in pain as you move over to see your score. Hopefully the results are good, but if not, the next game is just a 90 minute wait away.

I hope you've enjoyed this guide. Please Do not use re-post this without crediting me first!

And always remember, from expert to beginner, everyone's a winner!

Guide by Patrick Seybert



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Wow, this is awesome! I printed this out and everytime I head over to TSM I'll be reading this. What a great way to do something to kill time in the Q-line. Thanks for posting.


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I've been on the ride over 30 times now... and you've found no more and no less then I have now. The only thing that is throwing me off is the balloon pop game... after the clouds trick... I believe you hear Rex mention about getting all the apples... Might mean nothing though. If you clear the ring toss rocket right away.. it is very possible to get way above 100,000 points in it. I'm really starting to think theres nothing more to the first game other then flipping the barn. I tend to just do the the fox and chicken trick over and over again.


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Holy information batman. I think I will have to experience it to fully understand it. I wanted to hear tricks so I could kick my DHs butt, but your post, however thorough, is a bit over whelming. I will remember a few and just have fun.

Thanks for posting it.:)


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Man I wish I would have read this before I went to WDW. We just got back and had the chance to ride Toy Story Mania during a soft opening. I thought it was GREAT!!!!! It was soooo much fun!! Hope Disney keeps thinking of great rides like this!


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I really think this should be stickied or something, this really helped me get a better score and overall have a better time. I would to see more hints and secrets added!


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