Toy Story 3...Go see it.


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Got to see the first 70min of Toy Story 3 last night.
Loved it.
Any TS fans out there, run to the theatre on June 18. You'll be glad you did.:wave:


Great to hear, Lee! :sohappy: Can't wait!

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Good to hear, especially how TS 3 first was being discussed as direct to DVD. Glad it worked out for the best. I'll wait a few weeks and go see it on an IMAX


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Want to go to the midnight show but I'm gonna have finals the next day...

Guess I'll just have to storm the theater when I get out.


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Ken did really seem to steal the show in the trailers - so that seems about right! less than 60 days left till the entire movie comes out. Thanks again for the review and here are some new trailers - kind of spoof-esque footage.

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