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Top of the World Reopening Soon


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Any idea when they plan on adding more dates to the Wicked Wind Down event? I only see that it say until August 11th and more dates will be added soon? TIA :)

Beacon Joe

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after i select Profile, then Membership and passes, I see a list of my current and old membership numbers. None of them open anything further. How do I get to this screen?

If you're running an older OS on your phone, then your app is also limited to an older version so you won't be able to. You'll have to print out a paper temporary card from the DVC web site.

If this is your situation, be advised that Genie/Lightning Lane/$$$ Rides won't work for you, and the card will print out as a big honking image so you may want to scale it down before printing. I just kept a big honking printed out card in my wallet. Turns out I never needed it anyway - nobody ever asked to see it when asking for discounts or even when checking into the EPCOT lounge.


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Maybe I missed something? The ad, is for the member lounge at Epcot, right? Not the Top of the World Lounge at BLT. TotWL is villain themed. Epcot lounge is not.

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