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Top 10 Things To Do On Your Own


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I recently posted a thread where I asked if anyone has every gone to the parks by themself for a day. One reader posted the following list, which gave me some good ideas. I thought maybe others would have some good suggestions also, so I wanted to start a thread specifically to ask what things would you do if you could visit on your own. Below is the list that inspired me:

If I were going by myself, here are some things I would do that I don't normally do with my family:
1) Go on the Segway tour at Epcot
2) Ride the monorail to every monorail resort, and at the resort visit the shops and the restaurants
3) Take a good book to read in the garden behind the shops in the United Kingdom paviilion in Epcot
4) See every parade
5) Get my photo taken with all the characters
6) Walk all the trails in Animal Kingdom
7) Ride all the "kiddie" rides - including Aladin's Magic Carpet
8) Go see the Tiki Birds
9) Spend a whole day in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - oh wait - that's closed *tear*
10) Eat whatever snacks I wanted. Maybe in place of meals.
11) See Fantasmic twice in the same night
12) Chit chat with more CM's
13) Buy a special souvenir for each person back home
14) Get a temporary tattoo at the Moroccan pavilion
15) Poke my nose behind construction walls and closed doors whenever possible


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I know if I went by myself I would sit an entire day at the England pavillion and watch every show of The British Invasion and the really funny practiced "improv" group they have in England as well. I just love that pavillion.


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My Shot

1. Take my Imagineering Field guide book to MK and look around, its FUN!!
2. Take my time around the shops on Main Street and just notice all the things.
3. Take all the pictures I want
4. Sit in front of the castle by the partners statue and just relax while catching the view.
5. Ride the Monorail as many times as I want.
7. Be the last one to leave after the park closes. Try it, its fun being there by yourself.
8. Go and take a stroll on Tom Sawyer's Island...and just mozey along.
9. Ride the Train around as many times as I want...Picturing Walt riding the train from NY back to LA, getting the idea for Mickey Mouse.
10. Just taking things slooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww...On my terms.



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What i would do alone!

1. Go around finding hidden mickey's
2. Seeing how many rides i could do in a day.
3.Take hundreds of pictures of the world.
4. Go explore the different resorts and shot
5.Visit wide world of sports (where i hope to work as manager one day)
6.Find eeyore at each of the parks.:sohappy:
7.Do my own mini marathon of all the parks and shop.
8. Sit on Buzz lightyear until i get the highest score possible
9. see all the parades i can in one day.
10. Hide in a cave on Tom Sawyers island and see how many people i could scare.:ROFLOL: (just kidding.)


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as an adult male... I gotta say if I was there by myself... riding each and every "kiddie" rides is something I would avoid doing at all costs... something about that just screams NO...

what I would do though...

RELAX... I would ride TTA for like an hour straight without getting off...
Rent one of the mini boats from one of the MK hotels and just spend like an hour racing around there...
Go to the Wide World of Sports for an afternoon and just check it out
Watch a game (any game that was playing that evening) at the ESPN Club, at the bar
as a guy this will sound... unorthodox... but spend more time in the stores shopping... not neccessarily shopping but really looking at the merchandise and taking it all in...

stuff like that...


I have to second spending considerable time in World Showcase instead of being rushed through by a group. Also:

1. Watch every film in every country (France, China, Norway, etc.)
2. Brush up on your photography, there is no better place.
3. Pin Trade
4. Go get a sundae at Beaches and Cream by the Yacht Club's awesome pool.
5. Visit every resort and be sure to shop for resort-exclusive merchandise.
6. Eat at a nice restaurant
7. Go listen to the pianest at the Grand Floridian
8. Explore Wilderness Lodge, then take the boat to MK for a nice change.
9. Lay on a hammock at the Polynesian's beach.
10. Take the free Vacation Club tour at Saratoga Springs. They will pick you up and give you free ice cream.


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1. Try and ride all the rides in the MK in one day.
2. Next day see all the shows and parades at MK.
3. Try for Fantasimic, Illumations, and Wishs, all in one night.
4. People watch when ever I want.
5. Take the tours.
6. Eat where I want, what I want.
7. Talk with the different CMs at Epcot.
8. Drink around the World.:veryconfu
9. Visit all the Resorts, in one day.
10. Ride Sorin again and again (but not after doing number 8).
11. Plan to come back and do the things I didn't get done this trip!


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My last trip in December was all by my lonesome....things I did that I don't normally do w/ my family:

1. Took all the time I wanted in each country.....saw almost all of the movies :wave:

2. Took about 300 pictures....and I wasn't in a single one!
3. It was the Holidays so I went to the Deluxe resorts and looked at all of the decorations.
4. Invited people to share my table at crowded counter service....met some great people!
5. Talked forever to CMs at AK....OK, I usually talk a lot to them normally but I didn't have the kids rolling their eyes at my and saying "C'Mon Mom!". :lol:
6. Ate an ice cream cookie sandwich from Main Street Bakery for dinner.
7. Ate breakfast on the go ( bottle of water and a banana)
8. Got up when I wanted, went to bed when I wanted....also could get out the door within 20 min of waking up!
9. Ate a quiet lunch in Chefs de France (with a nice glass of wine)
10. Really looked for Hidden Mickeys
11. Was at the parks for 15 straight hours (I actually don't recommend this....I about collapsed!)

While I enjoyed the solo trip, I did miss my family......especially at MK I felt something was missing. I hope to be able to share the Holidays at the World with them next time!


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Going around the parks by myself is how I ended up taking pictures of all the different trash cans... 110 and still going strong!

I really like to walk around the parks by myself and do the things that I don't normally get to do when I'm with others. Getting a frozen lemonade and walking around World Showcase is one of my favorites.


It would be nice to go by myself once. Here's what I would do:
1. Go to every single country. Ride the rides, see the shows, watch the movies. Most of all, sit and observe the details. Maybe sketch a little.
2. Take the extra time to get the perfect shot of anything and everything I wanted to, with no one bugging me to move on to the next ride.
3. Have a really nice, slow breakfast.
4. Go to every resort and take it all in. Must sit in every lobby for a few minutes at least.
5. Look at all the pins in all the shops and not feel rushed.
6. Visit all the shops and note the differences.
7. Look for all the hidden mickeys I could find.
8. Talk to CMs and other guests.
9. Ride IASW without any complaints.
10. Be one of the last people to leave the park and enjoy the peaceful stroll to the exit.


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I tagged along with my husband on a business trip last fall. I spent 4 days in parks alone. I, too, had a list of the things I wanted to do without the kids. Guess what? I didn't do them. I was having too much fun doing the same things I do when I'm with the kids! Old habits die hard. I did do two things:

went just about every shop in every park
rode the Columbia river boat

It was sort of fun going alone, but nothing beats going with my family.


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I had the luxery of having 2 hours to myslef at WDW last year, i know its not long but it was really nice. I hoped on a bus and headed to Disneys Marketplace for a spot of shopping and it was lovely, just wished i had more time.

Id also like to:

1. Sit at Edys Ice Cream Parlour in MK and watch the world go by with an nice Ice Cream sundae. :slurp:

2. Being able to buy a Pineapple Dole Float in Adventure Land MK, without everyone saying "No i dont want one" then as soon as i have gotten mine im fighting them back from strealing some :rolleyes:

3. Hop on the monorailand buses and explore the Resorts i havnt stayed in, taking in the Lobbys especially.

4. Sing at the top of my voice as i go down Splash Mountain and through the end scene without the kids and DH being embarrassed :ROFLOL:

5. sit on TTA and go round and round and round, watching the brass playing down below and the kiddies al dancing.

6. Be last one out of Main St USA on a hot July night, with no one saying they are tired and want to head back. Taking in the beauty that is Main St and Cinderella Castle all lit up.

7. Boardwalk, need i say more ?

8. World Showcase, eat and drink my way around this without the kids getting fed up. Isnt amazing how you get older you enjoy this part of WDW even more ?

9. Have my Pic taken with as many Characters possible (asking someone to take it of course as im alone) and taking loads and loads of photos without getting shouted at to hurry up.

10. Watch Wishes and the Parades EVERY day.

Thsi list could have been longer but i think the best part is just being there.


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I'm not going to get into a top ten list... because many of the items listed are already ones I'd suggest. But here are some things that I would take on.

  • Try to be the absolute first guest in the park and the last one to leave. (you almost can't do this while dragging a family... they'll think you are nuts/insane) By the way... you have to stay in the park the whole day.
  • Don't ride a single attraction while visiting a park...spend the day strolling around all corners, eating at an outside table, and just let everyone else rush while you enjoy the house built by the mouse.
  • DO RIDE/SEE all the attractions in one day... but try to set a world time record. Can you do everything before 2PM?? Hurring between attractions is a must.


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This is a great thread. I really want to go to the world by myself. I just want to take everything very slowly so I can take it all in. I'm the Disney nut in my family so I want to see all the details, without rushing off everywhere!


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Sometimes I break off on my own and go over to Epcot for awhile. I eat my way through the World Showcase, ride TT as a single rider a few times, Go on a bunch of other rides, shop, get a tattoo in Morocco (really fun and doesnt take long at all) and I offer to take pictures of other people so everyone can be in at least one shot of the day. Its a good time, and I can do whatever I want on my own time. Its a good way to relax.


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These are all really good lists and great ideas, but I have to agree with skipperg "Take time to stop and smell the roses" see the parks at my own speed, do what I want to do, not rush here and there like a crazy madwoman :D

:sohappy: 67 days and I am there :sohappy:


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I had a couple hours to myself on our last trip, BF was golfing and it was too overcast to sit at the pool and there was nothing on TV. So I went to MK and EPCOT.

1) Ride Space Mountain 3 times in a row
2) Explore all the shops in Fantasyland and Main Street
3) Have a Margarita in Mexico and call back home to rub it in
4) Watch an entire set of Off Kilter
5) Enjoy some creme brulee at Fountainview
6) Explore all the shops and nooks and crannies at each pavillion

I have to say, I could never spend an entire day or week at WDW by myself, but I really enjoyed a few hours to myself. Sometimes the BF can be as bad as a samll child "I don't want to shop" "I'm not thirsty" "I don't want to ride again right now even if the stand by line is only 5 minutes." I hope he plays golf again in December!


Great ideas, all! And Gibson, thanks for the thread!

Another addition to my list:
Sit through ALL of the sets at the Epcot fountain.


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After many years of going to WDW by myself I think I have perfected the single persons to-do list:

1. Get up early or sleep in late. Your choice. Who's gonna argue?
2. Sit up front at all of the shows and parades.
3. Chat with CMs and make friends with them. (Doesn't hurt!)
4. Explore Tom Sawyer Island.
5. Ride Soarin', ToT, RnR, E:E and M:S and scream your head off making people think you've lost it.
6. Act like a street magician at MGM and gather a crowd.
7. Go the the Beer Garten at Epcot and sit with strangers and pretend to be someone completely different than who you really are.
8. Scream loud for your favorite characters at the night time parades.
9. Walk around World Showcase after Illuminations and take pictures.
10. Tour the resorts and act as if you are really staying there.

So in otherwards, do everything any other actors like myself would do. Just have fun...even if it IS by yourself! :wave:

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